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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

People make a difference

18th October 2017
A friend is one who overlooks your broke fence and admires the flowers in your garden.

I really enjoyed my meetings yesterday, I was inspired & motivated by my members - meetings work both ways. the morning one helped me to reflect on stuff, a book called “a year of self-compassion” was recommended as we all shared our stories of how it is difficult to lose weight, and it’s difficult to maintain the weight loss too.  We looked at hobbies or how to find time to do other things that we enjoy, realising that eating isn’t a hobby!  Then on the night, we also talked about pressing the reset button, rebooting ourselves and our weight loss journey, the one thing I realised I needed to do after all our chat was track honestly.  I’ve been carrying a pad round in my bag for weeks, just a small one for in case I suddenly needed to make notes of anything, it was an unused gift.  Last night when I got home I started using it as an honest tracker, whether my day has been good or bad because as a wise lady reminded me last night, it’s about being accountable not perfect and she was right.

I know writing it down is going to get me to question my actions, it’s not going to be pretty either because I’m eating just for the sake of eating.  Hopefully doing this will make me realise that more and question why, what am I actually getting from it.  Short term gratification followed by long term delay in my weight loss success.

I also had a good chat with a colleague too and we realised we were both feeling pretty similar, sometimes it’s just good to talk things through and air them out.  I felt so much better at the end of the day than I did at the beginning and of course having a chat on the phone with my bestie always makes things better.

Plus you know it’s time to sort things out when you split your trousers – yep that’s what happened yesterday lunchtime, new trousers too, I knew they were snug when I bought them but obviously having a bad week food wise had made them even snugger, so I need to lose half stone before they’ll fit me properly!

I had me a tasty Weight Watcher frozen meal last night, chicken risotto, really good for 10sp, I’d have that again for sure.  I have a few more in the freezer so I’m going to keep meal times simple this week, no main shop for me, using up what’s already in the kitchen.

We’re at the hospital this morning for mom’s Rheumatoid arthritis, let’s hope they can change her meds and help her pain because she is in a lot of pain.

It may be midweek and what’s now known as hump day but I feel like it’s a fresh day, I feel like I’ve got over that hump and my moods lifted thanks to everyone who was  involved in my life yesterday, so a big thank you to all of them, especially to Monique who sent me a text last night, just because, it really made me smile.

Right let’s have a cracking good day, speaking of cracking good, I’ve just found a recipe for a crock pot meal I fancy when I do shop, https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/lemon-garlic-dump-chicken looks good and sounds tasty.

Right I’m gone, make it a good one BeYOUtiful.  We got this!

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