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Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday already, good job I like Mondays!

23rd May 2016
Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius
I do love a chilled out Sunday and that's exactly what I had yesterday, did a bit of cooking, read my book, had a long bubble bath - bliss!

The food was epic too by the way, caramelised onion and mozzarella cheese pizza, the pizza base was from Asda, 32sp in the base and a quarter with salad was plenty.  I also made one of my simply cook meals, Balinese Chicken, can't wait to eat that today, really tasty.  For tea I had Sri Lankan beef curry, the sauce packet was 12sp, ith says 'sultry Sri Lankan curry with heavily roasted spices tempered with rich cocunut milk, fenugreek and curry leaves (no preservatives, no colourings, no artificial additives)' it was delicious, I've frozen the rest for another day.  I had it with cauliflower rice, but I'm not really struck by it, I'll stick to the real stuff and point it.

My supermarket shop came on the morning so I now have a fridge full of lovely healthy food for the week ahead, looking forward to eating this week!

Now last week we chatted about vegetarian food in my meeting and today could be Meat Free Monday if you haven't yet tried your veggie meal.  If you need a motivator, it saves money, meat is clearly the biggest strain on the purse strings when food shopping.  I've managed to get my hands on some Weight Watcher wraps, so like the idea of doing falafels in them with lots of salad (not today as I've just had breakfast and already have dinner sorted - forward planning ain't I!)  I'm still looking for an awesome veggie burger recipe that takes my fancy.

I want a No Count veggie burger, just found this one which can be;  
Spicy Lentil Burgers
17sp total
4oz Red or Brown Lentils (9sp)
carrot grated
celery finely chopped
onion finely chopped
2oz Breadcrumbs (6sp) (use low calorie brown bread and make your own for No Count)
clove of garlic crushed
1/2 tsp Mustard
1/2 tsp Cayenne
1/2 tsp ground coriander
1 egg (2sp)
Boil the lentils according to the pack instructions
Saute the onion in a little oil
Mash the lentils, breadcrumbs, garlic, cayenne, mustard, coriander with the beaten egg, until all are well combined.
Add the carrot, onion and celery
Shape into balls and then flatten into burger shapes
Chill for at least 30 mins to firm up or freeze for later use
Fry in spray light or your teaspoon of healthy oil (1sp) until golden brown
Or a bean burger I'm thinking, anyway, got a grumpy mom this morning, she's got the dentist later and isn't impressed! Hey ho, it'll be over before she knows it, until then, I'll keep my head down :)
Here's to a happy Monday whether you go meat free or not, just make sure you focus on the healthy too.

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