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Monday, 30 May 2016

Just a regular Monday in my house.

30th May 2016
A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.  Elbert Hubbard

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't finish my meal planning, I got as far as sorting my cupboards and fridge/freezer and making a list of what's in them, then I got distracted by the sunshine and my book.  If it's overcast today, I'm going to tackle my ironing and continue with the meal planning, I'm thinking rather than doing an actual 'plan' I'm just going to do meal ideas and recipes ideas I want to do then I can choose what I make on the day, depending on what I fancy.  I'm not always good at having a set menu, it puts me off if I'm honest.

The ironing definitely needs tackling, I'm wearing the same clothes each week because I can't be bothered to iron the other stuff, might find a good movie to stand and watch as I iron.

I'm thinking a No Count day today, I've got steak for later, maybe with chips, wedges or mash, actually if I do chips mom can have egg and chips - her favourite.  I'll have griddled peppers with mine I think as they need using.  I fancy scrambled eggs for breakfast, maybe a couple of bacon medallions, tomato and mushrooms with it, mmm yeah sorted.  I realised yesterday when I was thinking about meals that it isn't the main meals I need to plan it's the lighter bites, stuff I really enjoy but never remember when I'm thinking 'what shall I eat', stuff like the beans on toast, tuna toasties and quesadillas, they are all great, especially the quesadillas if you can get your hands on Weight Watchers tortilla wraps, you can fill them with anything you fancy, shredded cooked chicken breast, peppers and onions would be tasty, add a bit of cajun or other spice to the chicken before cooking.  Mmm that's definitely going on the 'to eat' list this week, maybe I'll just make a list of meals I like to eat.  Yeah that sounds easier and more fun!

I need to get ready for my meetings this week first before I do anything else today, but then I'm just going to go with the flow and do what takes my fancy, hopefully that will include ironing and meal list ;)

I'm keeping it brief this morning because I want to get on with my day, moms looking for a cuppa and I need to go make those eggs!

I don't work Mondays anyway so it's just a regular day, whatever you have planned for this Bank Holiday Monday, enjoy it BeYOUtiful. xx

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