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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Got no willpower?

24th May 2016
Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.  Desmond Tutu
Mmm what is willpower?  I've just seen a post on Facebook saying she has no WILLPOWER.  So what exactly is this magical, mysterious thing that people seem to think is the thing that will guarantee weight loss success? 

Willpower is the ability to delay gratification, to resist short-term temptation in order to meet long term goals!  Most people seem to believe they could improve their lives if only they had more of it, well I guess there right, more willpower, more self-control, you'd be able to eat right, resist temptation, exercise often, avoid booze etc, etc.  Yeah the number one reason given for not achieving our goal is lack of willpower. 

But you can't just blame lack of willpower surely, you don't have to resist what isn't there - so don't buy it.  Most of us spend a lot of time so we can control our surroundings there.  I know if it's in my house, I'm eating it at some point, I made the mistake of buying a delicious tomato bread in my online shop this week, it's gone, I didn't share it, it was delicious, no willpower required, I knew I wasn't resisting it!

Why else might we fail to reach our goals?  Have you established your motivation, why do you want to change, what is your goal, not just 'lose weight' be specific how much weight and why, why do you really want to lose weight - what difference will it make to you and your life.  What are the benefits, are there any negatives?  Watch your behaviour, monitor yourself, you're more likely to achieve your goal if you understand how and why you behave the way you do! 

Willpower does come into the equation and like a muscle, it can get tired if you overuse it.   That's why when you get up in the morning you're all "right I'm on it today, let's do this, yogurt and fruit for breakfast" then by 9pm you're more "Ooo what can I have, I fancy a biscuit", your willpower is worn out, you're worn out!  This is why I shop when my willpower is high then I can't eat it when my willpower is low because it isn't there!

I've just thought, how come most of us have the willpower to resist class A drugs but not cake and crap, obviously because we know drugs are illegal but we also have the sense to know they'll kill us at some point, the thing is so will the cake and crap if we have enough of it, sadly that death will be slower and probably more painful.  Daily pain, things like heartburn, stomach problems, aches and pains, all these can improve with a healthy diet.

Are you using your willpower in the wrong way?  Suppressing emotions takes a great deal of willpower, if you're using it all trying not to feel certain uncomfortable emotions and feelings you don't want to face then you're more likely to be overeating to distract yourself.

You're more likely to have stronger willpower if you're losing weight for you, if you have and know your reasons they will help, if you're only trying to lose weight because you think you should or because you've been told to, then you won't have much willpower going on there at all.

And give yourself a break too, in a world where unhealthy, mouth-watering food is everywhere and usually it's cheap, well, come on, resisting temptation is going to drain your willpower, trust me from experience, it chips away at the resolve of even the highest motivated dieters!  The behaviours of overeaters is truly complex, with numerous psychological and neurological reasons so don't just be saying "I've got no willpower", it really isn't that simple and it's just another way to put yourself down.

What's that saying, "Willpower doesn't last, well neither does bathing which is why it's recommended daily."

I prefer going with self love, I take care of things I love, so that's what I'm doing, I'm taking care of my because I'm worth it!  Now if you're lacking willpower and overeating, start by asking yourself, "Do I love me?"  If the answer isn't yes, then lack of willpower really isn't the problem BeYOUtiful. xx

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