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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

You don't take care of anything you don't love!

25th May 2016

To love yourself is to know that your past does not change your worth.

You don't take care of anything you don't love!  If you need convincing that you are worth loving just take a look around at the loved ones in your life, they love you and they can't all be wrong!  It's a fundamental necessity for success especially with weight loss.  Why would you bother to eat healthily and move more if you don't love yourself, why would you even bother to take care of yourself?  Not convinced?  I am because I see the evidence on a daily basis with members.

Can you imagine sitting a child or a parent down and forcing them to overeat to the point of sickness?  To the point where not only do they now feel sick but they have heartburn and indigestion and doing it so often to them that they end up with permanent stomach problems, diabetes or carry so much extra weight they're in constant pain.  What a horrid thought, I'm actually sitting here shocked at the idea of doing that to my mom, I feel sad at the idea because I just know I wouldn't do it, I wouldn't intentionally cause harm to my mom!  Why? Because I love her with all my heart and I wouldn't do anything to harm her, I love her too much.  I also love myself now, which is why I wouldn't sit overeating to the point where I'm causing myself such damage.

That's deep isn't it!  I don't know where that thought came from this morning, but it saddens me when I know that a lack of love for oneself is what's stopping some of my members from succeeding because each and every one of them is BeYOUtiful, they're all incredible and amazing in different ways, they each have their own kind of wonderful and I see that in them, sadly they don't always see it in themselves.

Don't think I don't still overeat - I do, but that's more to do with an absolute love of delicious food, I'm not doing it as some kind of unconscious punishment for not being good enough. I have a healthy balance as to the types of food and the quantity that I consume, that doesn't always help with the weight loss but hey, there's more to life than weight loss.  I just want a healthy, balanced relationship with food? Overeating occasionally isn't a problem for me as long as it's done in the right mindset and enjoyed. 

A lot of people who sit and overeat aren't actually even enjoying it, they're stuffing it in so fast, they're not even tasting it!  The only food that should be eaten fast in my opinion is a McDonalds!  And that's because if you eat it slowly you'll realise it's not so good!

Do you like yourself?  Are you constantly apologising for your behaviour?  Do you beat yourself up when you make even the slightest mistake?  Do you think about and focus on your flaws, even feel disgust or anger over then?  If you think about your own needs, do you see that as being selfish?  Are you repeatedly doing self-destructive things, or making choices that show you don't value or respect yourself? 

If you don't see your needs as a priority, maybe it's time you did!  Don't rely on other people to see the best in you, start seeing it yourself, remind yourself you have nothing to prove to anyone, you aren't your worst mistakes (we've all made plenty of them believe me!  If you haven't made mistakes - you ain't lived!) 
YOU MATTER and you don't need anyone else to tell you that if you decide it yourself...

You don't have to show the world you're good enough, you don't have to hide anything about you, just accept yourself and forgive if necessary and trust that other people will too.  Be your authentic self, embrace that version of you, let people see all your different facets, be vulnerable, trust they won't judge you and you know what, if they do, that's on them and you don't need that kind of person in your life.

I'm happy being the real version of me with people, it means I know the ones who accept me as I am, accept me completely as I am, it's better than pretending and trying to maintain an illusion of something I'm not.  

So if you don't already, why not make a decision today, to start loving you and being you, leaving the past there, focus on the here and now, you can't change what's gone but you really can decide what will be. 

"BeYOUtiful", that word means so much Be YOU, because you are beautiful, we all are, sadly some just don't see it. xx

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