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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

When the binmen get ya moving!

Wednesday 9th January 2019
You can't live a positive life with a negative mind.

It's 7am and I've been awake on and off since 3.30am with mom, you don't need the details and I don't need to focus on the negative, I have my positive penny in sight to remind me my life's alright and it's the one I chose.

What's with the penny?  Well I loved having my visitors over Christmas but I actually like my quiet house, my brother is super entertaining and full of wisdom which he likes to share and I had to smile one day when he'd run out of things to say and he found a penny and showed me how it stuck to his phone case which was magnetic,  meaning even our coppers ain't made of copper anymore.  Now every time I see that penny, I'm thankful for my crazy life because it's full of personalities and wonderful people and then I get to sit quiet and calm with mom when she's good and relax.  It's making me look for the positives in all situations and keep myself motivated to make these healthy choices to lose even more weight.

Anyway, I had a truly busy day yesterday, so many members and such wonderful workshops, I love the buzz of a busy meeting when they're all interacting with each other whilst I'm stood at the scales doing the check-ins.

Well that made me move, sat here typing and the bin men appear, a good 4 hours earlier than usual and they ain't collected the recycling for a month so I had a lot to put out, they were lovely and even asked me if that was all of it.  Bless the bin men, they are awesome.  I'm proper out of breathe now.

Back to yesterday, food wise went well again, for breakfast I only spent 1SP and that was on a Penn Road Chicken sausage Pattie, served with the last of my home made baked beans I'd make, mushrooms, egg & tomatoes, it beat me though I couldn't finish it!  What's that all about.

Then on the afternoon I made this; 

 Salmon, spinach and WW Hollandaise sause in puff pastry.
It was delicious.  I used Jus-Rol puff pastry, its 47SP for the sheet (you can get a low fat option for 40SP) then I put my salmon in a pan and covered with cold water, brought it to the boil, covered it and simmered for 2 minutes. I then removed it from the heat and left for 5 minutes. Next I drained off the liquid and left to cool. When it has cooled, I flaked the salmon into large pieces.  Next I put my spinach about 250g in a colander and poured over a kettle of boiling water and left that to cool, then squeezed out as much water as I could.  I layered half the salmon down the middle of the pastry, then the spinach, followed by 3 packets of WW Hollandaise sauce and what was left of the salmon on top.  I used 6 fillets but there was too much so 4 or 5 would be ample. 

I folded the pastry over to make a roll then brushed it with whisked egg and cut some slits in it, Popped it in the oven for about 30 minutes on gas mark 6. Delicious it was and 50SP in the lot, so I got 6 slices out of it but you could have 4 or 5 larger slices and adjust points accordingly.  

I have to say it filled me up so much, I wasn't hungry when I got back from work, so I enjoyed a glass of wine, a slice of parma ham and saved 4SP to rollover to the weekend. BONUS.

I'm loving my journal I did my weekly review yesterday afternoon when I took five minutes out of my busy day for me.

Then I updated my WW success book, 

I've already achieved two of my 3 monthly goals, hopefully I'll get the half stone next week.  Feeling focused, long may it continue. 

Now I haven't planned meals for today, but I'm thinking the one pot curry from the Feb WW magazine, as the cauliflower needs using.  I'm also going to get the beef out of the freezer and make a stew for tomorrow mmm, no food off limits. 

Yeah WW Freestyle is completely liveable, no need to go hungry and I've proved this last week that you get back what you put in. 

Here's to a very, great day for all of us.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


I'll be here later if you want to come join me and share in the success.
 or here tomorrow.

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