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Friday, 4 January 2019

Still on it....

Friday 4th January 2019
If you focus on results, you'll never change, if you focus on change, you will get results.
I'm full of sneezes this morning, it's a good full on head cold this one, I can rest all day today though. Yesterday started eventful, my car wouldn't start so after loading it to go to work, I had to unload and reload it all into a taxi, still made it on time because I always leave for work early.   And because I'm a very, fortunate woman and I'm surrounded by the most incredible people around tennish I received a message from the very, lovely Bonnie to ask if I had my keys with me as her dad was bringing her to get them so they could see if my car just needed the battery sorting.  Voila an hour later, they drove back onto the car park of the church with my car all well again.  Hopefully it was just because it hadn't been moved a lot over the Christmas break and like me was a little startled at the early morning start. 

I stayed on track despite how my start to the day panned out, I'm not going to let circumstances change my meal plans, so I made time to cook omelette for my breakfast which cost me zero points, I added a bit of tasty to it by squirting a WW barbecue sauce on the top before I popped it under the grill to finish off, it was delicious and half of it was more than enough.

For lunch I had cod with melted St Agur cheese on it, that would've been delicious if I hadn't overcooked the cod, instead of potato, I had swede, pop the whole thing in the microwave for 15-20 minutes and scoop out the middle, perfectly cooked swede and not mushy like it is if you boil it.  I roasted an onion too, had some on my lunch then threw the rest in my leftover daal which I had for my tea. 

 I left some of both my lunch and my dinner, I was genuinely not hungry, don't know if it's because I'm under the weather or what but I ain't going to eat if I don't need it.  

I had randomly eaten a mackerel fillet as a snack earlier which was delicious and filled me up. Now if that mackerel hadn't been smoked it would've cost me zero points but it was and therefore 6SP - boo! I bought them because they were reduced to 86p from £3 odd, plus they're delicious.  As I'm doing an honest tracker and journal I will write down the points but it's sad because it would stop me eating them in future and there are health benefits of eating oily fish but allegedly there are also increased risk of cancer from smoked fish, mmm I'd take my chances to be honest. 

Then of course because it was Thursday I ended with some lovely red wine, just updated my journal this morning, loving seeing the success on paper in front of me.  Yeah I'm tracking on my app throughout the day but I like copying it across to my journal so I can look back over time and see what I've eaten and how I've felt.  I'm also tracking my fit points and writing one good thing at the bottom each day so yesterday was Bonnie & her dad coming to my car rescue. 

I finished on 36 which would've only been 28 had it not been for the mackerel = boo!  Still have 28 weeklies remaining, that'll cover my wine over the weekend easily.

Despite having an achy body and stinky cold, I feel positive and good in my mood, every time I sneeze (proper full on sneezes they are too) my eye twitches, I won't miss that when I'm well again. 

Ooo there's some nice looking less than 30 minutes recipes in February's WW magazine I noticed yesterday, I fancy the pasta one with red peppers, might need that the weekend.  I must sit and do a proper online shop but only buy what I need to make the food I'm going to eat to help me lose weight. 

Oh I almost forgot to mention, whilst I was making my lunch yesterday, I made up some cheese and potato pie, now it is 13SP a portion but if I have it with zero food, like home made baked beans then it'll be a good filling meal.  I might try and grab a tin of beans and have a go myself today, then I can have them for tea. Here's the recipe.

WW Zero baked beans
1 can haricot beans not drained
Passata to cover beans
1 sachet of Weightwatchers BBQ sauce (available in meetings)
Salt and pepper and sweetener

Put 1 tin of haricot beans, not drained into saucepan 
Cover the beans with passata
Add the sachet of BBQ sauce, salt, pepper and sweetener to taste
Bring to the boil, then simmer, stirring occasionally for 20/30 mins until thickened and the beans have softened.

Right I'm off to do my paperwork, massage today too, happy days, I'll need to lie with a tissue!  Need to go think about food too, thinking eggs for breakfast, save my points for later and that cheese mash.

Here's to a very, great day for all of us.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!

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