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Friday, 11 January 2019

I made it through Thursday!

Friday, 11th January 2019
Just enjoy & appreciate where you are now.

I am super proud of myself this morning because I survived yesterday on track and with my sense of humour intact, it is that sense of humour and 'it'll all get done in the end' attitude that helps me get through those crazy, busy days like yesterday was.  I rolled out of bed at 5am and I really didn't stop till I sat down at half eight on the night. Even the half hour I sat with mom on the afternoon I was working on my phone at the same time! 

Breakfast wasn't my usual lovely plate of delicious, it was 3 eggs whacked in a mug in the microwave and scrambled.  I have to say I did notice the difference a couple of hours later when my stomach started rumbling for the first time this year.  

Because I was hungry on the drive home and I knew I hadn't got time to cook yet, I bought a pack of cooked chicken breast from the Tesco garage and removed the skin (oh yeah I did, in the zone ain't I) then ate one, sadly I wasn't impressed with the texture of this one, wouldn't buy them again, big grainy in an odd way.  Asda's are good and there's range by Delamere that you can get in Home Bargains, they're tasty too.

Someone had mentioned WW tomato soup in the meeting and when I did catch a minute I quickly made this in the microwave. 

Realising there was no way I could get all my work done until tomorrow, I decided to stop trying to.  I did what absolutely had to be done and then went down to make something ready for my tea as I knew if I didn't I would come home hungry and tempted to go off track.  I knocked this up in under ten minutes and there's video proof in my members group as I did a Facebook live video at the same time to prove you don't have to be all fancy in the kitchen, just throw it together. 

It was tasty, St Agur cheese and spring onion in chicken breasts with Panko Breadcrumbs, I got two of them for 7SP total.  

Of course after 5 fantastic workshops and a very, great day I blew the rest of my Smart Points on red wine, who needs potato on their dinner, not me! 

Believe it or not though, I left some in the glass before going to bed, I'd started to fall asleep in the chair and looked at it and thought why bother drinking that bit, I'm gonna be asleep in seconds when I get upstairs.

Heading towards my second weekend on track and I'm feeling really good and able to handle it.  I've got a good few hours work this morning, I'm hoping I get it all done before my massage because I really don't want to have to work afterwards.  I'm going to make a stew today I think, then I'm going to sort out my cupboards and see what I have in there, need to get a shopping list together.  I've still got to make that red pepper and pasta recipe from the magazine so plenty to keep me satisfied.  Might have egg and beans with sausages for breakfast.  I was just going to type it's all down to time, but no, I have to eat and the work will have to wait.

Here's to a very, great day for all of us.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  

I'll be here tomorrow if you want to come join me and share in the success.  If you're already my member, share that link on your app with your friends, share the love!  One of my members earned herself 4 months free yesterday by doing that! 

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