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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Well life sucks sometimes!

Wednesday, 16th January 2019
Starve your distractions, feed your focus

And yesterday, I didn't feel like doing it, my brother's in hospital and he's had the results we didn't want, so yes it's all a big pile of poo.  If you have persistent pain, don't ignore it, always, always get it checked!  More than once if necessary!

I quickly realised me overeating wasn't going to help the situation but that's not how emotional eating works is it, we use it as a distraction, a way to make us feel better for a short while, it doesn't last.  Last night I opened a bottle of red, fully intent on drinking the lot but sadly drink wasn't doing what it should and I didn't even drink half the bottle.  I opened a packet of Walkers, ate 2 crisps, realised what I was doing, that they weren't helping and threw them in the bin.  I did finish moms box of Maltesers of those, about a third of a box so that's 8SP blown. Could've been a lot worse, damage limitation this week, with my bro in hospital and my birthday on Saturday, although I can't see much celebrating being done.

I did however make sure I ate 3 good meals,

 Can't beat an omelette to use up veg in the fridge, this one had mushrooms and red pepper in - they're my new favourite veg, they're good for you too.  Red peppers have notable levels of pyridoxine (vitamin B6), which plays an important role in brain function, plus antioxidant vitamins C and A.

Lunch was the 3SP Dhal from this weeks Weekly available in WW workshops. 

For tea I had steamed mackerel from a tin, John Wests, they are nice, I'll buy them again.  Only 4SP on this plate and thats 3 for the flat bread and 1 for the black olives. 

I'm going to prepare a couple of meals today so that I'm covered for the next couple of days to keep me on track and help limit that damage, not sure what yet, but I'll go check what I have and work from there.   Maybe a chicken dinner as I have some cabbage that needs using or maybe I'll go play with ingredients and experiment, keep my mind occupied.

Can you believe I did my good deed for the day yesterday, I was driving back to work and there was a little dog running around the street, he had obviously got out and so I stopped and rescued him.  locked my car up and knocked a few houses, ended up taking him back to my house, then when I got back to my car, the damn thing wouldn't start! I had to be rescued, I did find the dogs owners though, so yeah today I need to go to the garage, that'll take a couple hours no doubt.  Hey ho, it's all gonna keep me busy, so I better get my day started. 

Yesterdays workshops were amazing, well over 200lb lost on my scales and everyone buzzing.  A few people wanted to lose more than they did, but this is for a long time not a quick fix solution, it don't go on overnight and it ain't coming off overnight either.  

Here's to a very, positive day!  

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


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