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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Survived Saturday!

Sunday January 6th 2019
But I'm closer than I was yesterday. 

So many of us have stepped on the scales this last week and realised the above, I'm properly pleased to say all my members were more than willing to accept the consequences of enjoying a damn good Christmas and New Year and some yesterday had already got their first weight losses of 2019 as they'd come last Saturday and took the hit at the scales.  One lady lost a staggering 8.5lb on Thursday morning from the Saturday before, so not even a full week.  Ooo I'd love a good kick start to my weight loss journey in 2019 and as her name was also Beverley, let's hope it was a sign :). 

I've loved being back in my workshops this week, love my job I do and my members are all motivating me with their enthusiasm and readiness to get on track.  I ate really well yesterday, enjoyed every mouthful I ate.    For breakfast I cut a Lo-Dough https://lodough.co up into slices and soaked in 2 eggs whilst I did some other stuff, then I dry friend them in a pan and served with another egg dry fried and my zero baked beans. 

here's the recipe again: 
WW Zero baked beans
1 can haricot beans not drained
Passata to cover beans
1 sachet of Weightwatchers BBQ sauce (available in meetings)
Salt and pepper and sweetener

Put 1 tin of haricot beans, not drained into saucepan 
Cover the beans with passata
Add the sachet of BBQ sauce, salt, pepper and sweetener to taste
Bring to the boil, then simmer, stirring occasionally for 20/30 mins until thickened and the beans have softened.

Then as I was trying to save points for the obvious later, I couldn't decide whether to use the last two slices of bread or a pitta so I used my WW scales to help me decide and one of the pittas came in at 4, the others weigh 5 (see sizes vary in each packet), pitta it was then, saving me a point. 

with it I made this delicious meal, I used a couple of Penn Road Butchers chicken breast sausage which are 2 for 1SP, https://www.facebook.com/Penn-Road-Butchers-1570997599797501/  yes he does deliver just drop him a line. Then I fried an onion and when they were cooked I poured on a WW balsamic salad dressing whilst still on the heat and it caramelised them lovely.  Served it all together in the pitta with dry fried green pepper and little plum tomatoes, absolutely scrumptious.  Plus the whole meal was only 5SP total. 

 I got peckish about 7ish, don't normally do a third meal on a Saturday to be honest, dinner is usually a bottle of red wine, I'd even already tracked it, however because I truly enjoyed eating this salmon with hollandaise sauce on, salad and the creamy stuff is 0% Greek Yogurt and a spoon of mint sauces on diced cucumber.  

 I didn't drink the entire bottle of red either, I actually asked myself, if I wanted or needed the last bit of the bottle and the answer was no, so I ended my day on exactly 23SP including tracking the skimmed milk in my 2 hot drinks I'd had on the morning. 

What about my FitPoints, I haven't looked yet because I don't think I move much on a Saturday, turns out I moved more than I realised, I earned 9FP, 5 from my 9,406 steps and the other 4 from 35 minutes Fitbit activity - walk, when I've looked that walk includes the time it takes me to unload my car, it's broken down into 10 minutes at a time.

I did walk the dog and although I listened to my audiobook rather than my WW app, I still did the marching on the spot when he stopped to pee, turns out people on the park seem to think I'm doing it because it's cold, a lady with her dog said 'it is cold today isn't it' as she watched me stomping.  I have noticed if I play the app rather than my book on my iPhone I earn more points because I put more effort into my walk! 

Once I sat down yesterday afternoon, I didn't move much, I sat and enjoyed 'The truth about the Harry Quebert affair', it was a 10 part thing (could've been shorter) but I thoroughly enjoyed it, it had been long enough for me to forget the plot of the book which was the best book I read the year I read it (don't ask me when that was, but it's been a while).

Today I'm thinking a tasty chicken dish is in order, I might even get my slow cooker out and pre prep some shredded chicken for in the week, if you fancy having a go, it's easy enough, pop your chicken breasts in the slow cooker, salt, pepper, bit of garlic powder if you like then add a little chicken stock and pop it on low for 5 hours or 3.5-4 hours on high. then shred the chicken with two forks and return to the slow cooker for 30 minutes on low, this helps to keep the chicken moist and tender and adds a little more flavour.

I might have some of that in one of those pitta breads I have, even if it is a 5SP one.

Here's to surviving the weekend, I have a feeling the scales will be kind to me on weigh day - they better be, I've been very good.

Here's to a very, great day for all of us.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful! 

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