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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Because I'm more than just a carer!

Wednesday 2nd January 2019
life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it.

I ended day one on track and positive, having thought about my blog yesterday and whilst doing my walk on the morning, she once again asked me to think about "My Why" and it's all the obvious stuff, health etc but then from nowhere came the thought 'because I'm more than just a carer' and that's what I'm going to remember this year.  Then I came home to see this photo on my Facebook timeline and a little video showing 3 then/now shots and I decided to take a couple of photos and measure myself, it's not easy taking your own photo!   I also measured my waist - wow that wasn't pleasant. 

My Why? Realising I’m more than just a carer. WW is for Every Body. What’s your Why?

I bought some salad when I nipped to the Co-op for moms papers and had a delicious 8SP of Gravadlax with mustard & dill sauce, scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms, spring onions & tomato. 

I chilled out most of the day as I have this head cold and hoping to shift it asap, I did do my WW app walk though and also give the kitchen a clean after watching another Transformer film. 

I have a load of eggs left that weren't eaten over Christmas so I hard boiled some, Alfie ate the yolk out of a few and I mashed the rest with low fat salad cream, made a huge tub for 3SP, so had a little of that on my tea which was 6SP of remembering that salad exists & how tasty it is - prosciutto, eggs with low fat salad cream, salad & WW garlic & chive dressing.

FitPoints totalled 11 which included 9,450 steps and 64 active minutes.

I even tracked my milk in my tea and carried over 4SP - if only every day was that easy.  Made a messy mistake on my first day of my journal so now I can continue with it knowing it doesn't have to be 'tidy' and perfect.  I liked that the journal has a water tracking section on it because that did encourage me to drink more water.  The only other think I ate was a few slices of cooked chicken as I was in bed early again with NightNurse trying to sleep off the lurgy.

For today I've already defrosted two chicken and pepper burgers my sister made for me and some salmon so that's todays meals sorted.  

And I'm back at work later, thankfully I have all day to get myself ready for that, but something happened yesterday morning when I was walking Alfie that made me realise the brain is a powerful thing.  I left this house feeling proper rough, a bit achy where the painkillers hadn't kicked in, just going through the motions, thinking to myself 'oh I'm poorly', then Alfie saw a big staffie dog and went towards him, I said no, but his collar came loose and he ran at him.  Well you've never seen me move so fast!  I threw myself between them, thankfully, no damage followed, the staffie just didn't want to be 'played' with but he did roll Alfie in the mud and tell him so.  Suddenly from nowhere I had the energy to run and I forgot all about how rubbish I felt.  I'm going to harness the power of positivity and use it to my advantage, well I'm going to do my best too. 

Here's to day 2, Oh I thought of another non scale goal when I was walking yesterday, I want to be able to fasten my rain coat rather than just being able to fasten the top 3 buttons!  That will be a visual goal for me.  Any non scale goals for you?  What do you want to achieve in 2019.  I like the idea of 1/2lb a week which is 2 stone by Christmas, of course I'd like more and sooner but as long as I end this year a couple of stone lighter, I'll be thrilled.

Here's to day 2, let's do this BeYOUtiful! 

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