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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Full of beans!

Thursday 24th January 2019
always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.

Well I'm not one for wishing the days away but I must say I'll be glad when it's Friday, I don't like waiting and my brothers on day 10 according to him, I think its 11, not that it's important but we're waiting for results and until we get them it's all in the air. neither result is welcomed to be honest but we know he has cancer so we just want the facts, then we can move forward with what next.  Today will be day 4 of Radiotherapy on his spine to try and get him mobile, he's being a warrior that's for sure!  I was told how painful the hormone injection he's had was (not from him) and yet he's never mentioned that, just said I've had an injection that's gonna make me grow boobs and cry a lot ;) 

I'm trying so hard to eat well but I'm not going to lie I just can't fill myself up, I don't think my hormones are helping, at least it's mostly healthy food, if too much.  I did have a handful of Pringles last night cos mom left them on the side but everything else was healthy.  

My breakfast was 4SP 
I had this loaf of bread from the Co-op and made a video bread & scales
Made my own baked beans, 
All you need is haricot beans, pasta and WW zero BBQ sauce from your WW workshop

empty entire can of bean including juice into pan 

cover with passata, I like juice so I add quite a bit of this.

then add the sachet of sauce and salt, pepper & sweetener to your tastebuds

simmer for half hour and voila, they are better than Heinz for me now, I opened some Heinz the other day warmed them up and left them as they seemed tasteless.

All of this for 4SP which was the bread. 

Then I had 2 chicken breasts that needed using because of their use by dates and no room in my freezer so I asked my members what I could make with them, got some great suggestions check out the post ideas for chicken breasts better still go add your suggestions and maybe I can do a blog dedicated to those ideas.

I ended up doing this 

I stuffed the chicken with the last bit of St Agur (5SP) and the last chorizo (4SP), threw in 10 olives for (1SP) and covered with breadcrumbs (2SP) so they worked out at 6SP each and 20 minutes in the oven and they were delicious, Alfie helped me eat them, so there isn't any left!   Butternut squash chips are my new thing, I peel and slice the whole squash and it's keeping in an airtight tub in fridge all week.  

So that was my food day, below are just a few of the good things from yesterday...


I had a lovely cuddle with mom yesterday morning and a giggle making a new product video moms video

Working from home in my PJs with a cuppa.

I smashed a wine bottle making a mess, then had to sweep, hoover and mop all down stairs which I hated doing but I did love how good it all looked afterwards - focusing on the positives.

Alfie was being a little nightmare so I picked him up and put him on the chair next to me, he usually sulks and goes to sleep but he started to play and I took this photo which reminded me of some of the pics I've taken of him, so I sat for 5 minutes scrolling through some of them and smiling. 
I was looking for this one to do a comparison, almost 9 years apart these two photos, we used to say he looked like a cute Ewok, he looks more like rough Chewbacca now!  He's still a lovely nightmare though. 

I have to say any time I find myself being grumpy I remind myself where my brother is and mentally say 'get a grip'. 

If all we have is excess fat - how lucky are we!

Have a very great day, enjoy the little things, appreciate the good in your world, start focusing on the positives.  I haven't told you the yucky stuff that happened yesterday because you don't need to know and I don't need to relive it, that makes sense doesn't it, let's focus on the GOOD!

 Stay BeYOUtiful!   



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