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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Day 3 - let's have ya!

Thursday 3rd January 2019
The most important person to keep your promises to is yourself.

WHOOP WHOOP, here's to Day 3 on my road to restoration!  Yep, day 2 in the bag, ended on 21SP, could've been much less if I'd made my own Dahl but I want to use what's in the cupboard, went a little crazy with the credit card over Christmas and need to not spend this month, my car insurance is due and it's gone up again, it's more now than when I passed my test - what's that all about!  Plus the damn thing struggled to start yesterday, hope that's not a sign.  Anyway I'm working through what I have in the house already mostly anyway, had to buy fresh fruit and veg of course. 

Breakfast - 8SP start to the day, using up the white bread from Christmas! Egg & salad cream sarnie. Kiwi, 0% Greek yogurt & teaspoon flaxseed.  Normally I wouldn't spend such a high amount on breakfast but it was within my points so all is good.  Oh and leave the furry skin on your kiwi if you want all the extra fibre, trust me it don't taste as bad as the green part, not a fruit fan am I.

Lunch - 0SP chicken & pepper burgers (from freezer, sister made last year) in a pitta 5SP with salad & mint yogurt 

Dinner - 8SP using up what’s in the cupboards, added dying cauliflower & fresh spinach to the Spice Taylor Daal from my cupboards, couldn’t eat all the salmon so it’ll go in an omelette this morning for breakfast, that'll keep me going all morning. 
I've not snacked and cut right back on my tea, only had 1 mug of tea yesterday, opted for water instead, actually I might go make me a mug of hot water, I used to drink that all the time - no points in it either. 

Fourth day on the trot I've done the WW walk on the app, I actually went for two walks with Alfie yesterday both just over half hour long, that's gotta help me ain't it.   I earned a total of 19 Fit Points on my app - I'll take that!

16,234 steps = 8FP
133 active minutes = 11FP (2 walks on WW app)

Being back at work has sure helped get those steps up.  I will even manage to fit in a walk with Alfie at lunchtime today.

I need to be organised today, my longest day of the week and I have this head cold lurking although I don't feel too bad once I take my paracetamol / ibuprofen cocktail, although I'm not keen on taking painkillers, I have to say they are helping.  I haven't planned my meals, need to go raid the cupboards/freezer and decide what to have before I leave the house.  I'm thinking omelette for breakfast, hold on Im going to run down and look.

Okay so it's mushroom omelette, then for lunch cod with potatoes and a sauce made with my St Agur blue cheese, then for tea I have the other half of that Daal which I'm going to throw some mackerel in just took the fish out the freezer, random combos I know but I'm feeding my tastebuds and I liked the fish curry Harj made me a lot.

I really want a good first week result and I want to get well so I'm feeding my body the things it needs, Vitamin C from the Kiwi (I don't really like them but they are packed with Vitamin C & fibre). Oily fish is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and potentially lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.  I'd like some of that thank you.  Then my lunch will be delicious because I love St Agur so that will please my tastebuds and they need to be happy! 

Right here's to another very great day, remembering why I'm doing this, reminding myself I'm more than a carer, loved listening to all my members telling me last night that they are fully focused on moving forward.  

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!

Oh and I'll be here most of the day; 

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