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Monday, 6 August 2018

Week 1 in the bag

6th August 2018
Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort.

Well that’s week one, 7 days of my 28 days of eating well, I’ve lost 3.5lb since last Monday morning when I weighed myself and I’d gained, now to keep it going.  A full week filled in of my journal, I’m minus 41 over the week, actually it’d be more as I’ve not been tracking the skimmed milk in my cups of tea and coffee, I have a couple a day.  The journal is asking for my weekly review;

Best bits; I’ve eaten some really delicious food and enjoyed taking care of myself again.  I’m also chuffed I’ve managed to survive the weekend.

Weight loss this week… 3.5lb

Worst bits… Not being able to grab a slice of bread and butter when I like (upside no heartburn)

I’ve learned… that if I eat the right food, I’m actually not hungry, I only crave more food when I eat the stuff that’s not so good for me.

I’ve loved eating… all of it, my toad in the hole was immense though, and the St Agur stuffed chicken.

Next week I will… perfect the pizza with the lo-dough base because I could truly live on pizza.

Yesterday’s food included egg bread made with lo-dough, I fried mushrooms, 2 chopped up bacon medallions, spring onion and chives first.  Then soaked the lo-dough in egg and fried it topping with the other stuff and flipping to brown and set on both sides.  It was pretty damn good for 2SP total!   It also kept me satisfied for a good few hours.  Dinner was minted chicken, rice and salad, I had a corn on the cob afterwards when it had finally cooked.  Then I gave in and had a slice of bread with low fat spread and gherkins before bedtime.

I know there will be chips on the menu today because they were reduced in the Co-op this morning and they’re worth 8SP a portion, I’m thinking egg, peas and chips, mom will like that too.  I’ve defrosted some tuna steak too, so will need to use that up, I defrosted monkfish too which I might use in a curry, we’ll see.  I might have breakfast pizza!  You’d have cheese on toast wouldn’t ya, so why not, egg, bacon and tomato pizza, mmm maybe…

Anyway I have proper work to do too this morning, then I’m thinking some time in the garden with mom as we did yesterday and how freaky was our experience then.  Last month, I sat in the shade with mom on the garden settee and together we did a arrowwords puzzle, I was enjoying it so much that I video’d it on my phone, it was the first time we’d ever done it.  Yesterday I sat by her again for the second time this year and said come on then let’s do a crossword together and would you believe as we were doing it, I started to recognise the clues and it was exactly the same puzzle in a different book!  Bear in mind I buy her a lot of them, that was one massive co-incidence, oh and we still got the wrong answers.

Right I’m off to get stuff done, here’s to working on a healthy life and having a very great day.

Catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful xx

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