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Sunday, 19 August 2018

I do love Sundays

19th August 2018
It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.

Yay, it’s Sunday, my day of rest, not today though, I’ve got a busy day ahead, well that depends on what time the shelving units get delivered from B&Q, I’ve got a few hours in my office to get ready for next week’s meetings.  I spent another hour in my shed yesterday, got the old units off the wall, now to get rid of them which means a trip to the tip or a bit of a bonfire.  It’ll all be worth it when it’s done, nice organised shed where my stock is stored safely, only took me almost 14 years to get round to it!  If they don’t come till late, they’ll get put up tomorrow.

After having an hour in the summerhouse, we sat and watched a few movies yesterday - The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Rampage and Jurassic World, we really enjoyed them, it didn’t matter that mom struggled to keep up with the storyline because there was so much action to enjoy, she still likes to look at good looking lead men too!

I was just on Pinterest and cake across this recipe, worth checking out for a zero meal option https://bakingqueen74.co.uk/courgette-butternut-squash-lentil-bake/ if you’re reading this sis and fancy having a dabble, I’d like to try a slice :)

I’m putting off the food thing because I did have a wonderful dinner, but it was a good experience because it taught me my tastebuds have improved.  So I had fruit for breakfast – tick, lunch was a lo-dough wrap with chicken, smoked protein cheese and coleslaw, - tick, delicious too, and so filling, I left a bit, actually I wrapped it in up and put in fridge and ate it later.  Then I couldn’t decide on dinner, mom had fish fingers, egg and chips and I’ve been eyeing up a packet of Batchelors Chicken Super Noodles that have been in the cupboard for weeks and weeks, I thought they’d be about 13SP but they were 18SP, OUCH and you know what, I used to love these in my youth, they were tasteless, either they’ve removed some of the flavour or I’ve got better taste these days, the best thing on the plate were the eggs and peas.  Made me glad of eating well though, so here’s to day 21, I will definitely be having the blue cheese stuffed chicken breast today!  But then again, there’s been a lot of talk of a fish cake cob, I need one of these in my life too, decisions, decisions. 

I do solemnly swear to eat healthy today, gonna be lucky to get a stayed the same tomorrow let alone a loss, it’s all good though, I’m still tracking, every day won’t be great and that’s okay.

Right I’m off to make mom and me a cuppa, then I’ll walk Alfie and I’ll fetch the papers before getting on with everything else.  Whatever you have planned, enjoy your day, continue working on a healthy life and having a very great day because it’s Sunday YAY!

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