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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Day 10 in the eat well house!

8th August 2018
Silence and smile are two powerful tools.  Smile is the way to solve many problems and silence is the way to avoid many problems.

Dog walked, mom sorted, salmon in oven to make salmon, eggs and spinach for breakfast, I do love a Co-op early morning bargain, freezer topped back up with salmon, now to blog.

Day 10 of 28 days of eating well, that’s good, it means I’m in double figures, almost halfway, doing it, actually enjoying it, finding it easier day by day and looking forward to my day ahead.  Already got my meals planned, main meal is a 5% beef mince hot pot thing, I made the mistake (when I wasn’t eating well) of buying some mince because it was reduced and half filling my freezer with it.  Now I am on track and remembering that red meat ain’t that healthy, I say I eat healthy but not everything I’ve been eating is, obviously everything in moderation so I will just ensure that’s the only red meat I have this week.  I need to add trout to my shopping list as I haven’t had that for ages.

What did I eat yesterday, well, breakfast was really good, a lo-dough soaked in egg and dry fried then I added ham, tomato, protein cheese and spring onions.  Lunch was roe, corn on the cob, broccoli and a potato and lentil concoction, there was far too much and Alfie helped me eat the roe, I wasn’t keep on the lentil concoction so left it.  For tea I had salmon and crushed peas with garlic butter on a bed of tilda rice and pulses, again the Tilda thing didn’t cut it for me.  I’m loving corn on the cobs though, they’re so good. 

Looking forward to getting my cook on today, pottering around once I’ve got some work done, before going to my meetings later on, fab meetings yesterday, loving that we’re all flying the Flex flag this summer, my members gave me some fab meal ideas, I need to make sure I start a healthy ‘to eat’ list.  Stuffed mushrooms was one of them, I’ve not had them for a while but they are delicious, I remember Tracey used to make wicked ones and also a mean Yuk Sung (do you remember that Tracey, that takes me back a few years).  Ooo I’m thinking spinach and protein cheese with a little St Agur to blue it up, mmm nice, this is all being thought about ready for next week’s menu or later in the week when I have a delivery.  So much healthy food, so little time! 

Anyway  it’s forecast rain later although it looks nice out at the moment, my salmons gonna burn if I don’t go and sort breakfast, so I’ll get gone, catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful, here’s to working on a healthy life and having a very great day.

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