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Thursday, 16 August 2018

I'm going to try not to be average today

16th August 2018
You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.

We’re having some good results in the meetings this week, over 5 stone lost last night, same Tuesday morning, just brilliant unlike the weather this morning, it’s raining heavy and has been throughout the night – boo.   I’m still trying to put back from missing a night’s sleep on Monday, I’m holding it together.

Foodwise yesterday I made a delicious omelette for brunch mom and I shared it, salmon, asparagus with protein cheese, only 1SP a portion and so filling.  For my dinner I had protein cheese and potato pie, stewing steak and peas for 11SP.  I did have a crust and butter for my supper too, a little of what you fancy stops you going off the deep end and eating a loaf two days later – trust me!

I need more food finds, let me know if you have any, I’ve had the lo-dough, the protein cheese and the sweet and sour dipping sauce so far.  We’ve been tasting the Peanut Butter powder in meetings this week as it’s been in Aldi, it’s 1SP a serving and the chocolate version is 2SP, not for me, I used to love peanut butter to I overdosed on it and I’ve not really bothered with it since.  You can get it from Amazon and Holland & Barrett too but it’s more expensive than Aldi of course.

My members like the skinny syrups too, they’re usually available in TKMaxx, again I’m not fussed about them, I don’t really do sweet stuff, I’d rather have a glass of wine, not that this is common knowledge ;)

I’ve just found a mega meat pizza for 14SP on musclefoods.com, I might order that, I do love a pizza, be interesting to compare it to the M&S ones which are really good.   They also do a high protein, gluten free 10” base for 6SP.

Anyway, busy day today and I need to go get ready, so I’ll keep this a short one today, need to get me some breakfast so I’m not hungry mid morning, I’m thinking eggs and take a bit of fruit with me.  Ooo egg and mayo lo dough wrap maybe, we’ll see.

Right I’m off to get stuff done, here’s to working on a healthy life and having a very great day because we’re worth the effort!  

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