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Saturday, 25 August 2018

I'm choosing a lazy weekend

25th August 2018
Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.

Another night’s sleep cut short by the hot flushes or sweating like a bitch as I like to say!  I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend, I really am, I’ve even just got my meeting planned for next week so I actually can forget about work until Tuesday if I choose too.  Having to go to training yesterday added a full day’s work to an already busy life and I’d already spent last weekend clearing out my sheds and putting shelving units up.  Yep I’m tired, looking forward to a massage and a lazy weekend of tv and chilling with mom.

My ‘diet’ was exactly as I’d expected it to be yesterday – dreadful, actually probably worse as there was stuff I had access to that I didn’t expect.  Lemon Sherbet sweets were eaten, there was a table of sweets that the hotel had put in the room, well that’s just asking for trouble!  I really enjoyed a guacamole and rice cake on the afternoon, lunch wasn’t so great so I ended up over dosing on the bread rolls, I resisted the desert and left a lot of the dinner that I wasn’t struck on, I’m not eating food that I don’t truly enjoy.  I did enjoy a cheese and apple wrap though, I shall be replicating that with a lo-dough and protein cheese, need to buy some apples though.  Actually I need to order some more protein cheese too, I think I only have the smoked and shakers left.

Moms just woke up so I need to go sort her, but to be fair I ain’t got much to say this morning as I spent yesterday in training.  Looking forward to seeing my Saturday morning gang and having a giggle and catch up. 

Bank holiday weekend, will you stay in control or will you choose to veer off the healthy eating path?  Remember it’s a choice, everything always is, we always get to choose which path to follow and which decision to make, don’t ever feel powerless because you don’t have to be and it’s okay sometimes to choose the option you know isn’t the one you feel you ought to be choosing – it’s your life, you can do what you like!  Yeah even if your options might really, truly suck, you still have a choice, the question you need to be asking yourself is can you live with the consequences of your choice?  Now that’s the question you really should ask yourself before you have a day like I did yesterday, are you okay with the scales not saying what you want them to?

Here’s to a very great day, living life your way BeYOUtiful.   

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