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Sunday, 26 August 2018


26th August 2018
When someone says you can’t do it. Do it twice and take photos!

888 that’s how many stones have been lost on my scales so far this year, how amazing is that, it definitely motivates me when I see those numbers, my members inspire me each and every week as they focus on creating healthy habits for life. 

Part of our meeting this week was talking about creating a smile list, things that make you smile, things that make you happy, this list can be added to day in and day out.  Yesterday the obvious ones for me included hearing my members laughter, I love that, then when I did the getting to know you section with my new members and I managed to get my speaker connected to the ipads that made me smile but even more so because the new member told me that could be added to my smile list, proving she’d paid attention and taken something away from the meeting.  My massage definitely made me happy, I had a lovely relaxed, content smile at the end of that.  The bag of cheese and onion crisps I ate for lunch made me smile because they actually weren’t that great, I think they’d set their slicer a little too thick so it’s made me not really want another bag with gave me a sense of relief that I can resist.

Having an afternoon with mom that was more like the old days, the ‘Alzheimer’s’ seemed to have taken a day off which meant we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company before having an early night (they always make me happy).

Sleeping makes me happy, I managed to sleep till half five – very happy with that.  Waking up knowing I don’t have to do anything or be anywhere today unless I want too, that makes me really happy.

The temperature dropping doesn’t make me smile but knowing I have central heating and can afford to pay the bill does. 

There’s so much to smile about and the more we focus on those happy moments and looking for them the more we realise how fortunate we are in our lives. 

What will today bring, who knows but we’ll take it whatever it may be, I need to find a good movie or series to watch, maybe I should add box sets onto my sky, or look on my amazon or Netflix, any suggestions.  Need something that’s not too complicated for mom to keep up with, I love a comedy, we watched ‘the angriest man in Brooklyn’ with Robin Williams in, that was good, then we watched ‘The Heist’ which was okay.

Here’s to enjoying Sunday and to doing what mom and I want. Here’s to having a very great day, looking for the smile moments and focussing on creating those healthy habits for life. 

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