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Monday, 20 August 2018

Love Mondays I do...

20th August 2018
There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long.  So don’t expect yourself to do so either.

No weight loss for me this week, but that’s okay, I’ve still dropped 6lb in 3 weeks overall, I’m more than happy with that.  Plus I have gone way over my points this week, I guess I now know my tipping point!

Yesterday was a productive day though, proving eating well has given me some energy and enthusiasm back and that’s way more important than numbers on a scale.  I cleared my concrete shed out and my sister came round and helped me put some shelving units together, then I piled them high with my WW stock.  One was missing parts so they’re resending that today, then stage one of 2018 sort out is completed.  Last year was spent sorting inside the house out, this year it’s all about the outside.  I keep looking at the front garden and thinking that needs something doing to it, one step at a time. 

I finally had my chicken stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in prosciutto, had it with rice and I made the mistake of buying an Uncle Bens microwave, I don’t like it, much rather have Tilda rice. Today I’m looking forward to my fish cake cob, I also plan to stay within my points better this week!

Need to spend some time with mom today as with all the shed work she got ignored for a good few hours yesterday, although when we did finally sit down we had a good night and an incident that okay might be seen as a different kind of ‘making memories’ but we laughed so much for all the wrong reasons, we’re surviving Alzheimer’s our own special way. 

Checklist for a healthy day today

Drink lots of water
Have a zero breakfast (or as low as possible)
Eat some fruit
Walk the dog twice (if he’ll go twice)
Get active by sorting the shed
Relax & rest

Right that’s my plan of action, moms just surfaced, Alfie’s lurking, time to get going. Here’s to working on a healthy life and having a very great day because it’s Monday and that’s my day off!

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