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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Yesterday was a very great day

28th July 2018
Worry is worshipping the problem.
Yesterday was a very great day, mom was good and so was I which makes for the perfect combination, we laughed lots and lots, it was so wonderful.  Mom asked me about Alzheimers and dementia and we talked about how well she was doing with it.

I got myself a chicken bargain too, when I went for the papers there was one reduced to £2.15, so when I got back I slammed it in the slow cooker on high for about 5 hours, usually do it on low and leave longer but I wanted to eat some for lunch.  It’s the fastest meal ever, just falls apart when you take it out.  I shredded the breasts with two forks and had a bit for dinner with a coconut and lemongrass sauce, then for tea I had some on a sandwich with coleslaw.  No fuss food which is what you want on a hot and can’t be doing with cooking kind of day.  There’s some left, I might mix it with the rest of the sweet and sour sauce and that’s today’s dinner sorted.

There’s a lovely light wind coming through the windows this morning, it’s promising storms we really do need a bit of rain but then can we have the sunshine back please.

Got a busy morning followed by another chilled out day, hoping moms in as good a mood as she was yesterday.  I’m still doing my crochet, I’m about halfway through another blanket, my largest yet, it’ll be 11 x 10 squares and the squares are 10 rounds so it should look amazing in the bedroom it’s meant for.  If they don’t like it though, it’ll also look really good in my house, I never make anything I wouldn’t want to keep myself.

That book “The science of Sin” I’m listening too isn’t as good as I hoped, it’s a bit too science orientated for me, so far though, I’ve done the narcissist test and I’ve learnt I’m not thankfully.  If you fancy working out if you are, here’s the link https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/NPI/

One of my BeYOUtiful members posted her pudding the other day, doesn’t it look delicious, here’s how she said she made it;

Sachet of sugar free strawberry Jelly made up with chopped strawberries, allow to set then make strawberry fluff which is another pack of jelly...only put in half pint of boiling water then add a tub of fat free natural yoghurt (some say to let jelly cool but I never have and it always turns out just as it should) whisk the mixture until you see air pockets...pour over jelly...let it set, only takes about an hour then use a pot of fat-free Greek yoghurt (I use Aldi’s) add 2-3 tbsp sweetener and two teaspoons of almond or vanilla essence...mix altogether and add to the top of the fluff then I added 4grms of sugar strands on each one that's where the 1sp comes from otherwise add fresh fruit to make it free.

This is why Weight Watchers is great because members are always sharing their great ideas, motivating and supporting each other whilst enjoying the journey and having a good giggle in the meetings.  Yeah I’m off to enjoy one of those meetings this morning, love my Saturday gang, makes it worth getting up at 5am for sure. 

Now it’s almost 6am so I need to get a wriggle on, need to get mom sorted before I leave and load my car.  Real life’s great really, I like the drama free routine and it’s just started raining – yay!

Catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful, here’s to working on a wonderful life and having a very great day.

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