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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Back to work today...

10th July 2018
She believed she could, but she was tired so she didn’t yesterday, but maybe today…

Another good day in the Longsden household, I didn’t get round to being healthy though, hopefully today as my brother goes home.  We went to B&Q on the morning to get supplies and ended up with cheese burgers from the van, then for tea we had an takeaway, I wasn’t too bad, chicken tikka pieces and cauliflower bhaji my favourite.  I pinched a handful of chips and a little bit of keema naan too.  Left the tikka pieces because I thought I’d ordered tandoori and I pressed the wrong button at least it was a few less calories.  Good takeaway though, will definitely use again, http://www.pearlofbengal-wv10.co.uk, good authentic food, prompt service and delicious.  Unlike the Chinese takeaway we had from Wongs on Friday, that was extremely expensive and the all complained it was poor which surprised me as I’ve been there quite often and never been disappointed.

Line drawn, meals to plan, shopping to do later online, I’ll see what the damage is when I step on the scales later and then the rest of the month will be healthier.

I’ll also earn some points having a good clean up once my house is empty again, exercise points all that clearing up will be. 

Yeah I’m thinking a day of light foods, ooo a nice piece of salmon, I’ll get that out the freezer when I go down, delicious.  I need to put all the eggs I have in a bowl of water to see if they’re still edible!   I’ll do the floating test, maybe hard boil them to be on the safe side, I’ve had them a couple of weeks I’m sure.

It seems like a long time since I went to work, even though it’s only been the usual couple of days, I have a proper clothes line again thanks to my brother and Dan and they’ve painted all the soffits, guttering and pipes at the back too so it looks great.

Oh I’ve not got much to say this morning, need to get my brain from weekend mode back into work mode, I’ll start with a shower to wake me up and a mug of tea.  I’ve already done my pint of water, I will get my healthy back, no matter how difficult it is.

Yeah, here’s to a day of getting my healthy on, I’m ready for it too, my bodies screaming no more junk food please, for the love of god woman, give me some salad!

Have a very great day BeYOUtiful, you know it makes sense. 

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