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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Just waffling this morning

4th July 2018
Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

There were a few spots of rain on the back path as I made a cuppa this morning, that’s the first rain I’ve seen in… it’s got to be a month…..

Well Alfie wouldn’t wait so we’re out walking, the few drops of rain didn’t turn into anything worthwhile, and it’s a bit fresher at the minute though. I’ve got a coat on for the first time in weeks and weeks.

It’s literally the calm before the storm here, my brother lands at midnight so he’ll be here in the early hours of the morning, mom will love having him here and getting plenty of attention. They might even watch the football together as we did last night, she’s quite entertaining whilst watching, never sure which sides which and very intolerant of fouling or lack of goals, so funny. At least we won which means the country will be in a good mood for the rest of the week. Sunshine and the World Cup, if you don’t like football you can go in the garden and escape = perfect.

I’m so glad my members made the effort to make their meetings yesterday, we had a couple of great food demos with fab results, they chose the ingredients, and I put it all together and turned out delicious.  Turns out my new favourite ingredient for a salad is diced apple!  I’m looking forward to seeing what else we come up with throughout this week.

I know it’s truly wrong but I’m contemplating a beef dinner today!  There’s a ready cooked joint in my fridge and when I’ve just looked at my memories I had one this time last year too, so maybe it will be my new Fourth of July tradition, I know there’s a yorkie in the freezer, peas in the fridge, sorted.  Mmm not I could have it for breakfast if I’m honest, plus it would be cooler now and Alfie would be happy to share the beef, maybe I will!

A few of us agreed at the scales yesterday that we’re all for surviving this wonderful summer, we want to enjoy it so as long as we’re not gaining and gaining, we’re happy to maintain for a few weeks, summer nights, bbq’s and the like need to be enjoyed to a degree.

Right, here’s to a busy day, better get the house in a fit state for visitors, then get ready for more food demo’s 6 before Moms birthday, it’ll all be good.

Have a very great day BeYOUtiful, here’s to sunshine, smiles and healthy eating.


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