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Friday, 10 March 2017

Taking time to breathe...

10th March 2017
Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere.
After a good night's sleep and a mug of tea, all is well in my world and I'm now ready to write my blog, could do another tea though, that one was mega.

I'm planning on March being my month as it suggests above, the year has started great in so many ways, awards, raising £5k for dementia UK, heading towards the first grand for the women's hostel.  If only mom wasn't in so much pain my world would be perfect, but some things I can't change. 

This last week since Saturday hasn't been so great in the healthy stakes, I've gone a bit off the rails, there's been cake, wine, gin, champagne, chocolate, chips, notice nearly all of it begins with a C!  I'm not blaming anything, I have been shattered this week, I'm also coming up to that time and I've just been so busy, I've took my eye off the game.  From today, I'm back to getting my magic back in March, I'm not going to lie, I just ate a bit of Easter egg chocolate that was by moms chair in the living and thought to myself "what are you doing, starting the day with chocolate is asking for trouble really isn't it!"  It is though isn't it, start off bad, it'll put me in a, oh well I've messed today up now I may as well carry on!  No, I haven't and I won't!  I'll stop right there.

I have some really nice food in the fridge, not necessary 'low' in Smart Points but if I'm sensible and share it out over meals, I can eat it, so that's my plan, damage limitation till Monday and the fridge is once again empty.  Then filling it up with healthy and low Smart Point stuff that will get me back on the losing streak, my summer shorts are sniggering at me at the moment.

I'm contemplating a staycation this weekend, a couple of days of pretending I'm away, but then on the other hand I'd really like to get some kind of order in my house, I know if I did that, I'd feel so much better come Tuesday when I'm back at work.  I might save the staycation till next weekend when my bestie and her daughter are coming to stay then we can properly pretend we're on holiday and do nothing but sit around. 

Yeah getting some order in my house is what will make me feel better, I won't go crazy or rush with it because I don't want to end the weekend as tired as when I started it, but I can rest too.

Yeah I need to take my time, it's taking me forever to write this blog ;)

I've still got two meeting and two cooking demo's to do, will get all my Weight Watcher paperwork and sort my office today, then I'll feel much better about doing the other parts of the house over the weekend.  I CAN DO THIS.

And I'll get it done sooner if I start now and stop writing, so I'll catch ya tomorrow, if you don't hear from me in the morning, you know the mess consumed me.

Take care of you BeYOUtiful, be there for others but don't leave yourself behind.

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