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Monday, 6 March 2017

Celebrating over, back to reality!

6th March 2017
We all fall down, the question is who gets back up.

Time for a fresh start, line drawn and all that, yesterday was very relaxed and very much enjoyed and I know today there will be a gain but that's all good as my weekend was fab.  Today though, back to healthy, my body needs some vegetables for sure and lots of water, first pint already drank whilst making mom a drink, then I knocked a glass off the side so spent five minutes getting broken glass up!  That's what you get for dancing round the kitchen at 5am in your dressing gown ;)

I think I'll make a good curry today, if I have beef in the freezer I might make one in the slow cooker, otherwise it'll be a chicken curry then maybe I'll have a go and making beef pies like the one I had at the pub on Saturday. 

What else is on my to eat list this week, mmm tinned stewing steak maybe, okay, okay I'll fess up, I didn't do my shopping list yesterday nor any planning or shopping or any of it, all I did yesterday once I'd done the hour or so of Weight Watcher work I had to do, was go and sit in my kitchen changed the smelly in my scentsy warmer to oodles of orange and sat with my bucks fizz so my kitchen smelt of my drink and chatted on the phone for an hour with my bestie.  After that I sat in the living room and watched tv with my mom, fell asleep a few times, then watched more tv before falling asleep again, waking up to go to bed.  I needed a day like that I really did. 

Today though, I'm going to get myself sorted, as soon as I've finished my blog I'm getting on the shopping list, doing an online shop and checking the freezer to see what there is in there.  I've seen a kedgeree recipe in the new cookbook might need a go at that, it's a salmon one too, looks good.

I've just looked in the freezer, there's not a lot of meat, found chicken so I've took that out to defrost, I've too something out I think is beef mince, I'll need an order from Penn Road butchers tomorrow I think, can't believe I missed out on the vouchers he was selling on Saturday, was so busy with the Tea Party, I completely forgot!

The beauty of emptyish cupboards is I can find a couple of recipes I fancy trying and order all the ingredients, just looking through new cookbook, fancy the easy roast chicken dinner, thai fried rice and veggie mac 'n' cheese, I think mom would like that one too.  Actually I think I'll nip over the Co-op for the ingredients and make that one today, 10 minutes prep, 15 minutes cook time appeals to me greatly today.  Ooo sausage, tomato and herb risotto, that sounds good too. Turkey larb bites, oh my days, so many recipes, so few days ;) I won't continue to just type out the recipes in this book I fancy, but seriously I think that's my plan to pick 5 and do them, blue cheese gnocchi bake, who knows I may even cook in the meetings this week......

Yeah why not, cos I didn't have a busy enough week last week, let's keep the momentum going with a bit of a cooking demonstration from the new cook book, that's me off to Sainsbury's today!

All about getting busy, enjoying the things you do and not having time to sit round bored so then you aren't overeating from boredom at least.

Right I'm keeping this short this morning as I'm off to get my act together, the gain I'll have today will be gone by next Monday because I have a goal to achieve for summer.  How's your week going to go BeYOUtiful?

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