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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Every day is a new opportunity!

11th March 2017
If you always do what interests you, at least one person will be pleased. Katharine Hepburn

I had a lovely day yesterday just a normal day really, the lovely about it was no rushing, I am in the praise of slow for sure these days, you can keep rushing.  I pottered and sorted my office on the morning, so now I feel calm in here, I'm actually sat here now with a clear work surface to the left of me and my new diffuser to the right of me filling the room with the lovely scent of vanilla, nutmeg and cardamom, the heating is on and I feel the house feels all warm and comforting.  I actually left it on when I went to work last night and when I walked in the house smelt incredible.

I've got the diffuser already because my bestie nipped in on her way to her meeting yesterday morning, so glad she did as I won't see her till Wednesday now and we got to have a quick coffee, that's twice this week we've had a 15 minute coffee, worth it though.  The only thing that would make my world a better place would be us being neighbours, that would be so awesome, but we'd probably both be fatter and drunk a lot more!

Mom managed to walk Alfie yesterday too, that's brill, she's still in loads of pain but trying to keep herself mobile so she don't seize up.  Then to finish my day off lovely, she came to my meeting with me, it was a good night, we had some giggles, did the cooking demo and got home a little later than usual but worth it.

Last demo today, it's been good because my members have got to try new flavours, we've got Japanese this week, Yasai Yaki Soba, the recipe is in the new Kitchen Favourites cook book and also Aprils Weight Watcher magazine.  It's made me realise I need more stir fry meals in my life as it's a great way to get my veggies in me and also delicious flavours. This recipe uses noodles, but I'd also be tempted to use rice sometimes.  Going to experiment next week, I've got a fridge full of food to eat this weekend already though, nice chicken and some lattice pie things.  Having said that I think I'll have veggies left from demo so we may do it sooner than next week.

Isn't it strange how on January 1st we're all ready to make changes and get things done!  Well this week I've seen an influx of new members ready to make changes, they obviously weren't ready back in January but now we're in March and the nights are starting to get lighter, summers round the corner and they feel like they can do it. 365 day, 365 opportunities to make a start, to have a fresh start, to do your best, to do what you can, to give yourself a break, to forgive yourself, to accept your human and this thing called life isn't always easy, so let's all survive.

365 new days - 365 new chances to change your relationship with food

Have you noticed there are times when we just can’t get around to it, anything puts us off, there’s never a right time to start, so let's for fun break down those 365 days to explain how tough it is to be on track;   

104 days - That’s how many weekend days in a year? Well you can’t stick to the plan on a weekend can you? So that leaves you 261 days to lose weight!

 52 days - A weekend starts on a Friday doesn’t it? So that’s another 52 days gone, that leaves 209 days to lose weight! Could you?

1 day - That’s your wedding anniversary (or someone elses!) leaving 208 weight loss days!

31 days - That’s Christmas and New Year it lasts a month doesn’t it?

7 days - That’s Easter, can’t possibly follow the plan that week with all that chocolate, but we still have 170 days to do it don’t we?

8 days - that’s bank holidays, all that eating out going to the coast, fish & chips ooh 162 days left we CAN do it for 162 days can’t we?

28 days - The average person has 4 weeks holiday a year! Come on, do we do it (diet that is) on holiday? Okay this is serious business we now only have 134 days left to get on track!

84 days - That is time of the month days! Weight loss..NO CHANCE! Panicking now there is only 50 days left you can do it for 50 days surely can you?

10 days - That’s your birthday and everyone else’s birthday sister, brother, mother, father, woman next door, fella down the street, shop keeper’, son’s, you get the idea how can you possibly do it then? Only 40 days left - you can can’t you?…..no!

2 days - Mother and fathers day chocolates, yours and his (remember the saying what’s his is mine and what’s mine is mine too, so choc’s bought Mothers day is yours and only yours and choc’s bought for Fathers days he MUST share) (38 days left OH MY DAYS!

12 days - Things like Halloween, bonfire night, and barbecues, (errrr 26 days left you CAN do it for 26 days you can!

26 days - That’s your social life! You got to live haven’t you; you can’t let it take over your life can you?

So you see we can always make excuses not to get around to it, or you can say hey did you know today is March 11th, a great day to have a great day, to prove you can stay on track on a Saturday, then follow that great day with a superb Sunday, a marvelous Monday, a tremendous Tuesday, a wonderful Wednesday, a terrific Thursday and a fantastic Friday and before you know it you've had the best week you've had in a long time and you are more than ready to follow it up with another one. 

The truth is no matter what's in your cupboards or fridge you can fit it into the Smarts Point plan because that's what makes Weight Watchers work!  I have an M&S meal deal in my fridge, I'll be using the chicken to make a dinner, I'll be having the bread as another meal (I already used half of it on one meal) and my mom will help me out with the dessert!  Nothing is off limited, we can survive all of the above and lose weight, heck I have members doing just that week in, week out - are you going to be one of them this week BeYOUtiful?  I am!

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