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Monday, 27 March 2017

Mostly throwing stuff out!

27th March 2017
The most effective way to do it, is to do it!

Well what a productive weekend I've had, it feels so good to be clearing out the rubbish and making it tidy ready to decorate and have new carpets, we've decided we don't want the wooden floors anymore, they've begun to wear in a few places too.  Carpets a softer landing if you have a little fall and you can't hear the dog pitter pattering across your bedroom floor at stupid o'clock in the morning with carpet! 

I need to accept that this isn't all going to happen overnight, I've always been impatient with stuff, when I start a project I want it done like 'NOW!' and I've got to accept that's not going to be the case, but it doesn't mean I can't get as much done as soon as possible.  Spent most of yesterday clearing out the clutter until I realised I was shattered and stopped about 4ish.  I've already done an hour in moms room this morning, can you believe I've just 3/4 filled the big paper recycle bin with crossword books - apparently she hasn't been throwing away the completed ones ;) you've gotta love her, I can't say much cos I'm as bad.  We've both agreed we're going for the minimalist look, my mantra of the moment is;

Less stuff means less to clean, less to organise, less to store, less mess

This will help me find my calm when I come home, it'll be my place to relax and that's what I want. 

I know I should've probably done one room at a time but that's not me is it, let's be honest, I'm a chaotic kind of person, my bedroom will be more scruffy chic than shabby chic even when it's finished, I don't want a chest of drawers because I will never have things in there tidy, I never have and I'm not about to change my habits completely, instead I think I'll have crates to throw stuff in and put on deep shelves in the alcove, we shall see.  It's all part of the fun isn't it, the planning, can't wait to go and have a walk round Ikea to get some ideas.

As you can imagine, food hasn't been a priority, my brother came yesterday and offered to fetch us a McDonald's, when it'd be rude not to wouldn't it, out my system for another 6 months now, it's never warm enough if you don't eat it there but it filled me up and kept me going till bedtime.  I've got a delivery coming this morning - hopefully and we can have real food today, once I've tidied the kitchen which has been ignored in all the decluttering!

Anyway, I've got almost a full day ahead to do even more, my office is going to be a real challenge but one thing at a time, need rid of all the books first, then I can work my way through all the paperwork and bin what's not needed.  Can you tell I'm feeling the clear out in a big way, it's less of a declutter now and more of a house clearance!

Monday, always a good day to have a good day, catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful.

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