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Friday, 31 March 2017

So much to do, so little time!

31st March 2017
If it costs your peace, it's too expensive.

Last day of March, so a quarter of the way through 2017 already, that's a little bit scary at how quickly this year has gone already, I'm good with the year so far.  Looking forward to lighter nights, warmer days and having more lust for life like I always do in the summer.

I have of course took spring cleaning to the extreme, by throwing most of my house out!  Next for the clean up, I'm just googling and its suggesting things like wipe walls and ceilings, dust your home thoroughly, reseal grout lines (funnily enough I was looking at the bathroom this morning and thinking that sealant needs replacing - check me out!)

I will not be needing the gym this season, I'm going to be getting all the exercise I need right here, sprucing up my living space.  There really are some good ideas on the internet to help with most things, and it's not different with 'how to clearn', I love the idea of loading your dishwasher but not with dishes, use it to wash household stuff like toothbrush holders, glass ornaments etc, I can't I don't have a dishwasher. Cleaning windows is an obvious one, degrease kitchen cabinets, clean the cooker (boo!) I'm waiting to buy a new on because my grills broken so I've only been cleaning the top :)

Clear out vents, mmm now there's one I know needs doing!  See you can just keep going and going, so I'll save on the gym subscription and spend an hour on this daily instead because I'm guessing by the time you've done it all once, it'll be ready to do again.

We're all so busy and don't have time to do stuff, then we try to fit in an hour to exercise, when we could actually be doing the stuff we're maybe paying other people to do, like clean our houses, deliver our shopping, clean our cars - think of all the thinks that are automated these days that used to take us a long time to do back in the day.  Thinks like washing up, no machines then and the laundry was done in a twin tub or even before that - by hand, oh yeah things have got easier for sure.

Anyway, I have a sink full of washing up, a mom that wants drugging, feeding and watering, then I'm off to a Scentsy warmer party for a couple of hours this morning so I need to get moving.

Here's to a fab Friday, let's make the next 24 hours count BeYOUtiful - no excuses!

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