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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Still time to be magnificent in March!

14th March 2017
Stop doubting yourself, work hard & make it happen!

Finally had a good day, do I still have time to be marvelous in March! Yeah course I do, we're not even quite half way through.   

We popped to Sunnyside dog kennels to drop off some old towels and bedding, mom wanted to walk round and look at the dogs, I struggle to, I really do, it breaks my heart to see them abandoned, but it lifted my spirits a little when I noticed our plaque from when we raised money for them, I've just done a search on my pc and it was March 2010, £1,100 raised then, how fab!  I'd forgot about that, I can't believe if was 7 years ago, the dog in that kennel was lovely too, I could've easily have bought him home but I have enough on my hands, mom wanted a little 5 year old shih tzu with a badly damaged eye.  You just want them all don't you, but you can't and some people should really consider the enormity of taking care of an animal before they have one.

Changing the subject swiftly, my commitment this week is to post every meal I eat, not just the good stuff!   Breakfast was weetabix for 6sp and 2 pieces of fruit #mywwjourney
Then I got tempted by this;

I settled for half of it, had it with a can of Heinz mulligatawny soup so 15sp of just what I fancied, didn't feel like I was "ON A DIET" at all, proves that we can say yes to the food we love.

For my evening meal I had some veggies left from my cooking demo's last week so used them up and had salt & pepper cod, sweet potato, tenderstem broccoli, babycorns & garlic for 9sp

I really enjoyed it too, forgot how good cod is, need more fish in my life.  Of course there was a glass of wine to wash it all down! 

Today I'm going to go No Count I think, have Salmon for lunch, mmm with lots of stir fry veggies and some grains.

Breakfast might be egg and bacon, think I may have forgotten to order Mushrooms, so I'm going to start my next shop now online and add stuff as I think of it!  Ooo I could make a frittata thing, maybe if I have time.  Tinned potatoes are good in them, or cooked pasta, really makes a good go to lunch that's easily put in a sandwich box and tastes good warm or cold.

Or maybe French toast, how quick and easy is that, with a bit of bacon medallions on top and a spoon of sweet freedom syrup maybe.

I have to find a way to say yes to the food I love because I love food so much, thankfully with Weight Watchers that's possible.

Not sure what I'll have for my tea tonight, but I have all day to think about it.  I had my shopping delivered from Waitrose yesterday (posh or what!) I have an annual pass for Asda but I wanted some stuff they don't do and I'm always pleasantly surprised with their prices you know, the cod I had was part of the 3 for a tenner range, it's £4.33 in Asda!  There's some great stuff in their 3 for £10 range too, quite low in points, Waitrose Easy To Cook cod fillets & creme fraiche & Waitrose Easy To Cook chicken & bacon pancakes spring to mind, all prepped and ready to cook, absolutely delicious.

Anyway, I can't be thinking about food so much at 5am, it's a good job I'm going No Count today, my appetite is going to be a good one, that time of month any day or maybe not, maybe I'm starting to go into the change - ooo I wander what I'll change into!  The beard is already trying it's best to sprout out of my chin now and again, one hair at a time ;)

Anyway I need to shower and find something to wear, Alfie's just walked onto the landing and flaked out again, bless him, he looks exhausted yet we all went to bed at 8 last night so he shouldn't be!  Yeah 8pm, I do love an early night, I think it was because I put a new Scentsy wax in called Newborn Nursery and it smelt all cuddly and cosy, made us want to go sleepy lol.

I'm on it, doing it this week, I will have a loss next Monday, I can do this and so can you BeYOUtiful. xx

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