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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Steady does it...

28th March 2017
Remind yourself that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing.
Day one for me!  

I know, I know, I say it a lot, I apologise for any feelings of groundhog day I may have just prompted but hey, it's who I am, I haven't tracked or Smart Pointed anything since Friday, I haven't been silly, I've been too busy but I could murder a vegetable or three.   As for bread that's so last weekend, yep, day one of getting my healthy back on, it would be so easy to say oh I've got all this house to sort, I'll get back to it after that.  That's going to be weeks of sorting, so no we will let the house take a little longer and the food be a little healthier.

I do it every time, get an idea in my head, then it grows and before you know it, a bit of a declutter has turned into a house makeover!  Then I go at it like a bull at a gate and do too much, yesterday I had to stop at lunchtime, I suddenly hit the tired wall, so I spent the afternoon looking round Ikea at stuff which made my feet ache terribly, so today other than my Weight Watcher work I shall take it steady, cook a good meal and stop and enjoy how far I've got already.

The nicest thing happened yesterday, after spending 4 hours clearing moms room, she sat in bed supervising :) Anyway, I went to make her a cuppa, heard a noise and went to look, there was Angie with a black bin bag in her hands and all the rest had gone, when I asked her she said, "I could tell by your Facebook post you were a bit stressed, so I'm taking these to the tip for you, one less job", I was so pleased I could've cried!  She's having a Scentsy party on Friday which I'm going to, I'll need to buy something to help her order, if you're thinking of treating yourself to a warmer or any new waxes, why not pay the love forward and order it through her party online, even if you can't make the party, she will still get the rewards as your order will go on her party, https://lynnewyatt.scentsy.co.uk/party/7620605/angies-party.  It's nice to be nice and she was truly nice yesterday, oh and whilst we're talking about helping each other out, Bonnie's been a blessing too taking away all my stuff that's useable/sellable and I don't need or want anymore, that's another problem solved, she's going to sell it all and make money for her charity fundraising this year, she's not only doing race for life and a sponsored slim (brave girl), she's also having a Cancer Research charity fundraiser event on June 3rd, 10.30-1pm where we hope to raise lots of money - put it in your diary, more info will follow as we get it, but if you have anything that could help us raise money, let us know, prizes for raffles, tombolo's etc. 

Yeah everything really is easier together isn't it.  I used to be stupid proud and say I could do everything on my own, didn't need help, not anymore, these days if someone's willing to help, they are most certainly welcome to and I'm truly grateful for it.

My poor mom's just woke up in pain, she hasn't slept very well at all, it's no fun this getting old lark!  Good mug of tea and her drugs and hopefully she'll be feeling less pained soon.  Isn't it funny how for years I've often forgot to take my medication in the evening, but since having to remember to ensure mom takes hers, suddenly I'm remembering!  Why is it, we're better at taking care of others than we are ourselves?

Anyway I'll leave you with that thought because I need an invigorating shower to liven me up, then I'm off to see my wonderful members in Willenhall.  There's a great monthly pass joining offer this week too, only £16.09, no joining fee - great week to join!

Turrah BeYOUtiful, take care of you today.

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