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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Have I mentioned I haven't had a glass of red for a month?

1st March 2017
Please grant me coffee to change the things I can, and wine to accept the things I can't.

Champagne breakfast anyone?  I'm tempted, I haven't got to go to work till half four tonight...  Why?  Have I not mentioned, I went Dry for Dementia in February :) well it's only the First of March which means I can enjoy a big glass of red wine later and my word I'm looking forward to it, I really am, I'm chuffed though because we've raised such a lot of money, I'm overwhelmed by peoples generosity, people who don't know me directly have left messages on my justgiving page as they follow mom and me on Facebook, how lovely is that!  Our total online donations are £1,411.50 including the gift aid and I have over £600 to pay in at home so we've already SMASHED £2k and that's before Saturdays Tea Party, wow, that's incredible isn't it, I have a feeling with the fund matching for Saturday from Barclays we're gonna end up with a very nice total indeed!  Make sure you bring your pennies on Saturday for the cake, raffle and other bits and bobs we have planned and if you can't make it there's always the blue collection tub in my meeting or you can still donate online https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/timeforacuppa or by text by texting DRYF47 £1 to 70070 (change the £1 to any amount of course).

Right back to everything else in the world, I had the best egg, beans and chips ever yesterday, it was the first meal I'd enjoyed in a few days if I'm honest, I've had a few days where I've just not been feeling the food love at all, which is quite unlike me, but lunch yesterday was epic, I think we can now safely say I have my appetite back, although my tea tonight will most likely just be a big glass of red before bed!

Lent!  Not religious if I'm honest and after what I've just done for a month, not a big fan of giving anything up!  I'd rather my members take something up, I liked a few of the suggestions when I suggested it in my group yesterday, one was for each day of Lent, fill a bag (any size) with things you no longer need/use and donate to charity - give up clutter!  One member is going to take up the plank challenge and another will be doing a random act of kindness each day - I like these, I'm tempted to spend a few minutes each day sorting my office, I'm not promising though as I've just had a month of having to do something and I don't want another month of having to do anything.

I was a right clumsy mare last night, the dumb dog was sat under the coffee whining and he wouldn't come out, so being a moron, I decided to try and find what he was crying at, got on the floor and started to go under the table when a hot mug of tea tipped over and went all over my head and face.  I will just say OUCH and you'll understand, luckily no lasting damage but I'd just like to point out a glass of red wine has never hurt me in this way!  See drinking tea bad for you, drinking red wine good :)

I need to get my routine back, I've stopped planning my shopping and meals again, yesterday I had a £40 food delivery just because I wanted pancakes and jif lemon for mom!  20 cartons of milk to make up the £40 - that's ridiculous!  I still don't have stuff I could do with but I hadn't got time to think.  I will do that today, spend some time, looking at what I have and what I need.  I'm getting cocking cos I've got down to my pre Christmas weight, I've got to be careful now, as I do still want to lose some more to get back to where I should be, summer shorts to fit in and as today's the first day of spring, that gives me roughly 12 weeks to make a difference.  Remember it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for friends and family and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.  That worked for me when I got back on it back in Sept/Oct and I plan to continue that success, I lost 11lb (which is the weight I'm back too now) so here's to getting another 11lb off - there I've put it in writing, that's always the hardest bit for me, putting a number on it.  Another 11lb and I'd be proper chuffed, I'm already happy with me, but 11lb off would mean my shorts fit, I'll be ready for sunshine and the odd lager :)

Happy Wednesday BeYOUtiful, here's to a great day!

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