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Friday, 17 March 2017

Early start!

17th March 2017
Live less out of habit and more out of intent
Well I've been up since 3am - yay!  On a positive I've sorted out the plug situation behind the tv, need a new extension lead for my new plug in scensty thing, then I'm good to go, my tv unit is going to be decorated with lovely pretties and they'll smell good too, win/win I say.  Got me some more daffodils coming today too, which will brighten it up even more, the last lot smelt amazing, I've never really noticed the smell of daffs before but they were quite pungent, maybe my sense of smell is improving - who knows.

Food was good yesterday, for breakfast I had a chicken sausage and egg sandwich, 9 Smart Points maximum, lunch was higher and worth it, cheese and potato pie with smoked haddock and green veggies, 12 Smart Points, 
then my tea was knocked up in under 8 minutes and under 8 Smart Points, rump steak and stir fry veg, I added a little mirin and dark soy sauce to the stir fry and I crumbled an oxo cube into it too, made it really tasty.  Great way to end a very long day.

Not sure what's on the menu today but I have plenty of healthy stuff to chose from, got a top up shop coming this morning too so I can try a new recipe from my cook books maybe.  Depends how much time I have as I've got a lot of computer and paperwork to do, so we'll see.

Well it's almost 5am and I've started yawning, I might go get back in bed and see if I can fall back off to sleep, worth a try I guess, I know I won't though, I'll more than likely go make me another cuppa and enjoy the quiet, I can go to bed early tonight then relax all weekend once I've down my last meeting in morning.

You know I didn't go back to bed, instead I've just done a job I was told to get done this week and that was to upload my own success story on the http://www.weightwatchersstories.co.uk I've actually enjoyed doing it, I may not be at my goal, the ideal BMI weight I should be at but I'm in a damn good place, I'm feeling better than I've ever felt, despite any difficulties in my life, I'm happy, that's true success!

Why don't you go on and do it?  Find a few before and now photos and have a bit of fun, who knows - you don't end up in the Weight Watchers magazine or on a photoshoot somewhere like AnnMarie found herself on a few years back, when she had an all expenses trip to London and came back with a posh new frock!  This is of course the same AnnMarie who yesterday celebrated 3 years at goal, which is an incredible achievement, losing weight is hard but keeping it off, well that's a who different challenge, she has thought, almost 5 stone lost to achieve that goal back in 2010 and still there.  Now that's impressive.

Right I'm gonna go put the heating on I think, or maybe just a fleece, it's a little nippy, I need a cuppa and I'll start my day.  Here's to a good one, Fab Friday followed by a wonderful weekend. 

Ooo I've got some of these pizza's coming today, they've been recommended and I'm looking forward to sampling them with my bestie tomorrow; 
 M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Salami Firenze, per 170g pizza - 12SP

 M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Prosciutto Crudo & Fig, per 172 g pizza - 13SP

M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Mozzarella Di Bufala & Rocket Pesto, per 185g pizza - 15SP

M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Pollo Primavera, per 185g pizza - 12SP

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