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Sunday, 26 March 2017

No time for blogging today!

26th March 2017
Being in a hurry to improve yourself only slows down the process.

Well I'm not going to be having a restful Sunday as I've got to try and get some semblance of order in my house, I've gone at it like a bull at a gate haven't I and there's chaos all around.  Nothing new there, I've always been the same and I'm trying to calm myself down and realise it doesn't all have to be done in a day!  My mission today is to finish sorting through all the stuff in my bedroom so I know exactly what I have left to 'house' as such, if I know how much 'stuff' I have, it'll give me an idea of what storage I need.  I can then decide on the layout, tried my bed in a different place last night, I like it there but Alfie is not impressed at all, he can't get on the bed without assistance because I've moved the smelly old chair out to the shed and he can't see out the window once on the bed because I've moved it away from the window.  So I'll continue to declutter whilst I think about it all and I'll try to limit my time on pinterest and ikea website because it steals time, I've been up nearly 3 hours already and done nothing but search the internet.

Mothers day then, I've just taken mom her cake bouquet, I smiled as I walked in with it and her response was exactly what I expected "I hope they ain't fkin flowers", bless her, unlike me  she's not a fan of flowers, but she does like cake so I got it right this year.  She already had her main gift as I couldn't wait to give it to her when it arrived the other week, the things I love about you book.

The thing with being preoccupied with things like I was yesterday is you forget about eating, which isn't always a good thing, as when you do remember you have something quick, we ended up with chicken sandwiches, then later we both sat eating cheerios from the box - not good!  Thankfully a very early night stopped us doing too much damage!

My brains just not fixed on anything other than the mess surrounding me so I'm going to go and start sorting through it again, my bins blooming full so that's not going to help either, they don't come till Wednesday either!  This tidying up lark is not easy, but I just keep thinking about how good it'll be when it's all gone.  When I can walk round my bedroom floor without tripping over things, when it's all nice and tidy. 

Lots of work to do before we get there, so I'm off to start, hope all the Mothers out there get a rest today and of course spoilt!

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