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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Strong women know when to accept help.

9th March 2017
To be BeYOUtiful means to be yourself, you don't need to be accepted by others you only need to accept your own amazing self.
So yesterday was International Women's Day, this year it was asking you to #BeBoldForChange.  Call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world - a more gender inclusive world. 

These days I work in a predominantly female environment but I do remember the days of being in a board room full of managing directors all of which were men, I doubt if it's changed much if I was to go and check! 

I do however know plenty of intelligent, strong, fierce, amazing, inspirational women, some choose to go out to work and some choose to stay at home and be housewives, mothers, carers, the one thing they all have in common is they are all incredible human beings!  Whatever path you choose in life, remember we're all equal and we're all blooming marvelous!

I felt less than marvelous yesterday if I'm honest, I felt like I didn't know whether I was coming or going or what to do first.  It was one of those days where your To Do list is so long, you're actually scared to write one!   I took a few deep breathes, did the absolute 'must do' things I couldn't get through the day without doing, then decided I needed an hour out, so I went to a Weight Watcher meeting as a member to try and get inspiration to get back on track!  On the way there I got waylaid by a runaway dog, I had to stop and help catch him as the poor old bloke chasing him had gone the wrong way!  Anyway I digress, it made me a little late for the meeting but I snuck in and sat at the back.  I was so glad I did, one chap had got to goal that morning and it's always lovely to celebrate someone achieving their target, it had taken him just over a year and he said, "just keep going".  How true! 

After the meeting me and my bestie sat and had a quiet moment and a coffee, we both needed that, it was only 15 minutes but it was enough, sometimes you don't need a natter, sometimes you just need to be with someone you care about and they return the feelings, we sat there calm and both left feeling like we could cope with the rest of our crazy days!

Then when I got home, my other mate delivered me my tea, how great is that, so last night I had toad in the hole with mash and onion gravy, so lovely to come home to a meal you haven't made yourself.  I also had another mate deliver me a M&S meal deal so I have nice food for the weekend and I'm not going to have to shop till Monday now.  I love my friends!

There was a time I tried to do it all myself, to be the one that COPED, not anymore, it's hard work, yes I can cope, yes I have done it all before, but why would you want to if others are offering to help, no, not any more, these days I'm more than happy to take all the help I can get.  If we all do the bits we're really good at, then life is easier. 

The charity event I organised Saturday proved that, everyone did their bit, the thing they were good at and we raised a staggering amount of money.

The rest of my day was still a bit crazy, technology wasn't my friend yesterday, but having good friends, wonderful helpers, amazing members and generally a blooming good life made it all easier. 

Let's hope today is a little less crazy :)  If it is YAY, if it isn't we'll survive, the secret is to not take it all too seriously, scream occasionally and remind yourself if something goes wrong, as long as no one dies, it's not the end of the world and a year from now, will any of it matter?

Here's to a calm day, I plan to focus on the healthy today, starting with another glass of water and an apple.  What's your plan BeYOUtiful?

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