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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sunday, my day of rest

12th March 2017
The sun will rise and we will try again.
Lunch today I reckon is going to be a chicken and rice stir fry, cooking Yasai Yaki Soba in the meeting this week has made me realise how quickly veggies cook if you stir fry them and reminded me of veggies I haven't eaten for a while like tender stem broccoli, baby corns, water chestnuts, edamame beans to name just a few, definitely going to be adding this stuff into my shopping basket this week, also I love that you can buy the stir fry packs already to use so there's no waste, a pack of that, some wholewheat pasta or spaghetti, a bit of chicken and you've got a meal in no time at all, throw in a bit of flavouring (oxo cube, soy sauce, Worcestershire, miso paste etc) and you've got a flavour sensation that's healthy and helping towards your daily veggie quota.  Mmm, is it too early to have that for breakfast?  I have been up since 4am after all! 
 Yasai Yaki Soba 11sp per serving, 
(recipe in April's WW mag or new Kitchen Favourite cookbook)

 Yep 4am, but you know what, I've just had 2 lovely hours chilling listening to music and enjoying the calm and quiet, that's set the mood for the day I think, relaxing in my kitchen with a bit of creative cooking and a good audio book = Sunday sorted!  I've just popped magnolia smelling wax in my Scentsty warmer and when I've finished up her, downstairs will smell amazing, can't wait for my offer one to come next week so I can have one in my office too.  My massage lady made me up a oil concoction to chill me right out and help me to sleep, to bring home to use in my diffuser yesterday.  Well what can I say, I put it in the living when I got back and mom went to bed before 8pm and I fell asleep in my chair not long after, woke up at 9ish and went to bed, sleep solid till 4, so I've had a good 7 or 8 hours!  Magic stuff that was ;)

I'm also going to use the day to get my meals planned, I'm thinking No Count as I want to get my sweet tooth back under control, the charity tea party was great but I think it reminded me about all the good stuff and moms like a cake pusher, always saying 'do you want one!'

Yeah gonna try a recipe or two out as well I think, but first I've just got to go make a cuppa for mom, she's just woke up, back in a minute...

Ooo it's gonna take a while to clean up that kitchen before I can relax and plan meals and stuff.  Isn't life great, this is my idea of great anyway, a nice peaceful life, cooking, eating, relaxing, spending time with people I love.  I was going to write cleaning after cooking but I'd be lying if I said I liked it, however I do like the way my house looks after I've done it and the way it makes me feel, so yeah it's great to be able to find the time to clean, to have enough spare hours in my life.

I really do like living a slow lifestyle, I know my work life is busy but I've got it where I work just enough hours to suit me, they may be crazy busy days but I really enjoy them so I don't mind, then I relax and recharge with the other hours.  Can't beat that kind of work/life balance, need to remind myself of that when I come up with 'ideas' and make sure they don't upset that balance too much or for too long.

Anyway, I'm waffling now ain't I, I'm processing stuff in my head so I'll get off and you won't have to be part of that process.  However you're spending your Sunday enjoy it, I'm making the most of the last of the dreary days, relaxing before spring and summer get me out and about and in the garden.   Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, stay healthy.

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