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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Don't overthink!

18th March 2017
Stress is not what happens to us.  It's our response to what happens.  And response is something we can choose.
So yesterday for a while I let that stress win!  Then I reminded myself that it was okay if all I did today was breathe and that's what I did, I sat there, put some nice smellies in my wax warmers and took some big deep breathes to remind myself that my life wasn't any different to how it had been the day before and the day before I was just fine so this wasn't real, it was how I was choosing in this moment to believe my life was and that tomorrow I would feel differently.   And guess what, I do!  After a decent night's sleep, which was probably one of the things wrong with me yesterday, that 3am start, I feel much better this morning.   

Yeah this morning, I'm calm again and knowing that my life isn't easy at the moment, but appreciating that there are many people in the same or similar situations, heck there are more in worse situation but I'm also choosing to focus on the good things in my life.  I may have had a lot of hours yesterday when things were trying my patience but that just tells me I have to work on my patience skills more and remind myself a lot of what is going on in my household is being caused by a disease not a person - I can do that!  Actually I do do that and I will continue too.

So next time I'm feeling like that, my plan of action is to remember;

Then I'll stop, go make a cuppa, take a little time own, sit down with my mom and have a cup of tea and a conversation, even if only for a short time.  Because I know all these moments will become precious memories at some point and then I'll probably be feeling like I would give anything to have another precious moment with my Mom no matter how stressful. 

And to make life even better, it's only blinking Saturday already, didn't that go quickly since the last one!  I'm planning on a cracking good day, morning at my meeting, massage to follow, then a few hours of giggles with my bestie whilst her teenage daughter spends my money at the garden centre.   Followed by us returning home to spent the afternoon with mom and possibly cake, there is pizza for sure, I've bought the M&S ones so they're good on points, I could just eat cake with my mom though, normally I watch her eat cake, I wonder if we could get her along to the garden centre for cake, if not I could bring some back, either way there can be cake!

Yesterday was a healthy day, breakfast didn't  happen because Asda messed up my order, not only was he ten minute later than his hour slot, he bought full fat instead of skimmed milk (erm I don't think so - I can have wine for few points than whole milk) and the wrong bread, so I still couldn't have anything to eat.  Wrong know but I ended up having twiglets (I blame Sue Gilruth for this as she posted a photo of them and that made me order some!)   at ten because I as hungry and grumpy from poor service, again another reason my mood would've plummeted, poor night's sleep, bad food start to the day, eat healthy - feel healthy. 

My meals improved, my dinner was pork stir fry, that took minutes, just a tray of pulled pork thrown into a bag of stir fry veg with a bit of hoisin, soy and fish sauce, really filling and done in minutes.

For tea I had Pork satimbocca with veg & quinoa wholegrain brown basmati rice, it was delicious, and made in 6 minutes, that included opening the packets, the pork thing was from the Waitrose 3 for £10 range, not usually a fan of pork but it was lush.  I'm going to treat myself again next week to a Waitrose shop I think, it's made me look forward to my dinner if I'm honest because the meals are different and already prepped. 

Can I just add, twiglets are 18sp for 150g bag!  Yes they are only 3sp for a bag from a multipack but guess who didn't buy the multibag, guess who's just finished the 150g bag off!  Yep since they arrived yesterday morning, I have had them on my desk and slowly worked my way through the bag sometimes slowly sucking the marmite flavouring off each one before crunching the stuck, at other times just mindlessly eating them.  I reckon I just ate a good 5sp of I still need to have something for breakfast and I still don't have any damn bread!  A banana and apple it is now then!

And that my friends is real life, shout out to all the 'I'm at goal and I've never gone over my 5lb in years" folk out there, I bow down before you because I ain't one of em, my weight loss chart looks more like a heart rate monitor or maybe like a rollercoaster track, it ain't never been a consistent line for very long.  It's all good though, I'm still smiling, well when I'm not rocking back and forth in my office having a bad day because I'm going through hormonal hell and I refuse to lie down and take it.

Tee hee...

You gotta love life ain't ya because afterall it's better than the alternative!  Just remember you have to fight through some days to earn the best days of your life.
One that note I'm off to have one of those best days, I've decided I'm going to make it so, what you going to do BeYOUtiful?

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