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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Your choice!

8th December 2016
Was it a bad day? Or was it a bad 5 minutes that you milked all day?

Yesterday when I finally went downstairs to sort the kitchen, I almost had a mini meltdown after tipping the recycling into the bin to realise half of it wasn't okay to go in that bin!  Those bins just get to me, I think it's because mom was always so anal about everything going in the right bin and now she's putting stuff in the wrong bins.  Then I walked back into the kitchen looked around and thought, I can't be the only one living in this chaos, so I went live in my Facebook group and voiced my thoughts, it appears I was correct, quite a few of us have houses that are a mess and we're trying to keep a pathway from room to room!  It made me feel better anyways, knowing I'm not alone, knowing that lots of us are trying to keep our head above it all, work, family, life, housework.  I'm sorry but when I'm given the choice, the housework comes last, there's so much more I'd rather be doing - like playing Candy Crush!

I did sort the kitchen but only because I wanted to cook and feed my bestie, I could've sorted my bedroom too, but that'll wait another week, instead I cooked a delicious meal which my bestie appreciated way more than she would knowing I had a clear bedroom floor - she wouldn't have been impressed with that at all!  Actually if she'd have walked into my house looking spotless that would've probably made her feel crap because her house was a mess when she left it this morning to go do a full on days work which means she hasn't got time to tidy either, plus having 2 kids, 2 cats, a dog and a husband doesn't help.  

We enjoyed our couple of hours talking rubbish, eating a 14sp mince pie & squirty cream and the kitchen looked a mess again when she left, it's continuous isn't it so why bother! As long as it's clean enough to live in.

We all have choices, how we live our life, how we view a situation, here's a story to show you it really is a choice - don’t get me wrong I know everyone has problems and issues going on and some are really, really bad but you decide how you approach them. 

I’m not trying to say you haven’t got huge problems or that yours  aren’t real but how you decide to approach them makes a massive difference to how you cope.  So here’s my tale;

There was a pile of dog dirt on the pavement, as they walked to work four men trod in it!

The first man felt very sad, he looked at the mess and smelt the smell and said you know this just about sums me up, this always happens to me.  It’s the kind of guy I am, I can’t even walk down the street without messing things up.  The days started badly and it’s going to get worse from here on in. this man never got to work , he went home, got into bed and stayed there feeling more depressed as the day went on.

The second man saw the mess and smelled the smell and started to panic, he said to himself, “o dear what should I do now, there are so many things I should do, but I want to do the right thin,g I don’t want to get it wrong in case people think badly of me, I must get it right at all costs.  If I clean my shoes there will be nowhere to put the mess and if I leave it somewhere someone might see me, on the other hand, but then, and what if.  This man never got to work, he stayed there feeling more and more paralysed  in panic as the day when on.

The third man saw the mess and smelled the smell and started to get angry, within minutes that anger had almost become a rage he felt himself getting hotter, he started to stomp around and he was saying to himself what careless son of a bitch did this, this is the most awful thing ever, nobody should be so careless -  they shouldn’t be let out of the house in the mornings.  I bet they let their dog do this here just to get me and ruin my day, let me get my hands on them.  This man got to work but he didn’t achieve much he was too angry and distracted for most of the day and as he contributed to his soon to be heart disease he planned torturous revenge on all dog owners.

The fourth man was annoyed at first then he started to smile he looked at the mess and smelled the smell and said to himself isn’t it just great that I remembered to put my shoes on this morning! And with that he wiped his shoes on the grass and went to work.

You know what you think influences how you feel and what you do!

Have a fabulous day, play in the puddles and remember to put your shoes on BeYOUtiful!  ;-)

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