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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday slow day ahead...

4th December 2016
Today love yourself enough to eat well.
Well I got weighed by my boss yesterday and it was obviously a loss because I've been losing since, the challenge was not thinking "Woo Hoo, I ain't gotta get weighed for months by her now" after the meeting.  It's a heck of a long day, work on the morning, then a 30 mile round trip through busy Saturday traffic to get to the meeting it was half five by the time I got home and I'd been out since half 7 on the morning, plus done 12 meetings over the week so as you can imagine, my energy levels had just about disappeared.  I drove past so many places to get food, chippy, takeaways, KFC, McDonalds, they are just everywhere and I truly didn't want to cook.  I actually wanted a Big mac and large fries with sweet and sour sauce and a diet coke (cos I'm on a diet afterall), that would've cost me 33sp and I'd have enjoyed it because it's one of my favourite junk food meals.  I didn't though, I stopped at the Co-op and got a bag of McCain's home chips and threw some in the actifry, they still came to 20sp but with 3 slices of low calorie bread and low fat spread and a bit of low sugar red sauce, it still came in under 30sp and the difference, I'd have been hungry an hour after the Maccy's I wasn't after my big plate of chips.

It's also put me in a better mindset for today, I'm not thinking well I blew it on the maccy's I may as well have a blowout today too.  Nope I ordered my shop online yesterday morning before leaving for work, it arrives this morning and we'll be eating well today.  I'm not going to pretend it's all healthy stuff, I've treated myself to a box of vol-u-vents already with the filling, I'm going to have them as a meal so depending how wild I go, 6 of them are 16sp, that's half the box, with a huge salad, mmm.  They're shaped like Christmas trees too! How cool is that and how sad am I!

It was lovely to wake up and have a flick through Facebook, seeing all the photos of my members going out to party, looking fabulous and hopefully feeling fantastic, what a difference a year can make!

I've got a busy day wrapping shoe boxes, I'm putting together a Christmas eve box for each of the woman at the hostel we're donating too, so that'll give me something to keep me out of the kitchen.  Also got to sort through all the food and gift donations my members have given me to make them easier to transport and possibly wrap the gifts I think, they can have like a secret Santa thing and just hand them out without knowing the contents.  I can watch Christmas movies whilst I do this and feel all Christmassy!  I watched an hour of one last night and then it ended, for some reason it hadn't all recorded, I'll have to look out for it coming around again. 

I might cook a roast chicken dinner today I think, yeah that'll be nice, yorkies too, I don't care what the meat is, there always needs to be a yorkshire pudding on the plate, mash potatoes mmm, broccoli and cauliflower and maybe green beans.  Nom Nom, I'm drooling already thinking about it. 

I had planned on cleaning my bedroom today but it'll wait, enjoying the Christmas season and wrapping pressies and watching tv with mom is more important.  It's still dark so can't tell what kind of weather we'll be blessed with today, I may fit a walk in, I'm not promising though, I'm shattered and wanna just chill and go with the flow.

Whatever you have planned - enjoy it BeYOUtiful!

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