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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Baby it's cold outside (& dark!)

21st December 2016
Keep the ones that heard when you never said a word.
I read a inspiring Facebook post this week, that reinforced my belief that you can choose your reaction to a situation, this was it;

Serena's husband works at KFC, can you imagine how scary that experience was and how easy it would've been for him to withdraw into himself and for his family to lock themselves away.  Instead they used it to their advantage - truly inspiring.

Today is Winter Solstice, the darkest, longest night, it's a good time for letting go, releasing old patterns, rekindling hope, welcoming the light, seeking new inspiration and beginning a new cycle.  I like all of those ideas.  So who's up for letting your heart be filled with the Magick of the season?

The ancient season of Yule is a time of both reflection and celebration, a time to connect in a relational way with one's own inner wisdom and with the people that surround you.  May different cultures ritualised this sacred time, why don't you acknowledge it and use it for a time of reflection, let's welcome the beginning of winter instead of focusing on the cold and darkness of the season, it may be the darkest and longest night but that means we're getting closer to the spring because every day from tomorrow, the sun will climb just a little higher and stay a little longer in the sky each day . 
Why wait for January to start a new cycle or let go of old patterns, you can do that right now!  I know we're going to over-indulge this next few weeks but that doesn't mean we can't work on another habit, I know what I'm going to be putting in place from today but for once I'll keep it to myself. 

I'm not usually a fan of the dark nights and winter months but I'm choosing to remind myself every day that the days are getting longer, I will use it as a time to relax and recharge in anticipation of the spring and summer months.  Yes I'm choosing my reaction!

I'm up early again, thank you Alfie, so I'm going to go wash up and tidy up my kitchen, I'm obviously coping without the sleep, I'm not exhausted from all the stolen hours of sleep, maybe I don't need them and if I do, my body and mind will stay asleep when it really needs too.

Blessed be BeYOUtiful. xx

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