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Thursday, 1 December 2016

December decisions...

1st December 2016
Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day!

First day of advent and one of the first things I see on Facebook this morning is this;

"Happy and in control or 10 pounds heavier. Remember its Choice not Chance that will make all the difference"

Choice not change, those words came from Jean Nidetch, she was the founder of Weight Watchers, the very first lady who realised she couldn't do this weight loss lark alone, she needed support and that's how it all started many years ago.

I heard differing opinions of enjoying Christmas from a Weight Watchers point of view last night, "It's Christmas tomorrow, I'll just sort it out in January" being one of them!

Now that statement can be a dangerous one, a very, very dangerous one for some of us.  I know members who could go with that theory and just gain a couple of pounds over the entire month.  I on the other hand would not, the last time I went with that attitude, deciding "sod it" on December 1st till I got back on the scales in January, I gained a stone - yep 14 heavy pounds, because I my friends, know how to eat! 

So be warned, only you know your level of greed and indulgence, it maybe be just a little bit here and there or it may be developing Weight Watchers tourettes and saying yes whenever there's food in sight, I'd be the latter, hence the super gain.  

Not this month though, it's taken me too long to lose that ten pounds, I'm not about to gain a stone in a few weeks having but that much effort into lose it in the first place.  Nope, I do however intend to enjoy the festive season, I will indulge when it's worth it, I won't refuse everything.  And from Christmas Eve to 27th I shall have whatever takes my fancy, there will be no worrying about Smart Points and my five a day, not a chance.  I will also remember that most of the food that we eat over Christmas can be bought at anytime so I don't have to say yes to everything in the space of a few weeks.

"Life's too short", that's another phrase I've heard, oh yeah it is and with the sad loss in our family of someone so young I couldn't agree more, however if you don't take care of yourself life could be even shorter and not so comfortable along the way!  Don't use that line for the wrong decisions, use it for the right ones, have experiences, get out there, do things, see the world.  I've travelled the world and seen some amazing things, I remember the odd memorable meal but food hasn't really been the highlight of those trips, the people, the views, they were far more memorable.

Let's agree we'll have a ball but not end up feeling like one because of our actions!

I'm going to do my best to have smaller portions of what I fancy, someone asked me last night, "how did you only eat 1/4 of a packet of pringles?"  The truth was there was only a 1/4 of the pack left but the week before I did actually take and eat only 6 out of a tube to to say I'd had some, you and me can do anything we decide to do!  It's a decision or as Jean would say choice not chance!

Let's make those wise decisions, those good choices, have a balanced approach to the holiday season. 

I'm excited to start my advent calendar, it'll have to wait till tonight though as most of the contents is alcoholic, I'll open mine at night, I know tonight I have a miniature bottle of something, see that's a damn sight better than opening a big bottle of bailey's and expecting it to last more than a day! 

Know your limitations BeYOUtiful - I do!

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