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Friday, 9 December 2016

Oops! 3lb on...

9th December 2016
Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we'll ever do. Brene Brown
I just had me a good lie in, 7am, yeah baby, it was much needed I can tell you, so I've woke up with a smile on my face - good start to any day. 

I gained 3lb at the scales yesterday - oops!  This plan don't work - unless you actually do it and the last week, I haven't been doing it.  I've eaten some good healthy meals but I haven't been tracking everything as I eat it, I haven't been sticking to my allowance either.  Nor have I been walking daily like I was, it's so easy to get out of the habit of doing these things, especially when tiredness hits.

I drew a line yesterday and decided to get back on it, I even managed to squeeze a walk inbetween 5 meetings, Alfie let me take him for a change, moms still not 100%.  Ended my day with 10,000 steps on my fit bit and 40 Smart Points on my tracker.  Not bad to say I'd wasted 6sp of them on a handful of peanuts and Doritos whilst setting my meeting up on the morning! 

To put that damage right I went searching my kitchen for a low Smart Point lunch, I found the butternut squash and 4 shallots, which I cooked on the hob in a bit of water and a couple of oxo cubes (1sp), then I added a can of Asda's stewed steak (5sp) for the can and a some quartered mushrooms, finally throwing in a handful of frozen peas (2sp) and a tin of green beans.  The whole pan was only 8 Smart Points, I'm getting at least 4 bowls out of it - bargain for 2sp a bowl.

A whole pan full for 8sp, made with this;

which I've been told now looks like this (new packaging);

my lunch for 2sp
It tasted even better on the night!

I've got a morning of sorting out gifts for the hostel so that I can get in my house and car, I might cook something tasty this afternoon if the mood takes me, actually I've just remembered I've got my massage at 12.30 so I might not be cooking after all, it might be leftover stewed steak or something simple and quick.  I've got no rush in me today and I've got a meeting tonight, at least I have a clean and tidy kitchen.

Here's to a week of doing it right, I'm aware temptation is all around, we're talking a little about that in meetings this week, but also looking at what we can do, what can we control, don't give up on trying at all just because temptation is around.  I've handed out so many weight loss certificates this week, because members are still following the plan, they're still enjoying the Christmas parties too!  I'm going to only buy ingredients I need to cook meals this weekend, if I can survive with what I have in the house I will.  If I don't buy the Christmas temptations, I can't eat them. Sorted!

Right I'm off for another mug of tea, that I don't intend on cutting down on.

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