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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Did you try to do too much too soon?

28th December 2016
You can't rush something you want to last forever.
Okay so hands up who woke up yesterday thinking right "game on", let's get our healthy back, first day of a fresh start?  Who then a few hours later opened the fridge or cupboard and thought "ooo nom nom, loads of goodies left!  I DID!  Not only am I not having to go out to work till Saturday but I have a fridge full of ham, sausages, cheese and buffet food - all with a short sell by date and no room in the freezer.  I did have a packet of snicker bites that were bought for me for Christmas too, only I ate half the packet - they're not all that, I've just thrown the other half in the bin.

My plan is to cook the sausages today and have them as a meal, same with the other food items, over this week, I won't be within my points I know but surely it's better to eat the treats I bought for Christmas as meals over the course of a week, than to binge like crazy Christmas day and Boxing day?   

I'm still doing some of the habits I said I'd work on to improve my health and take care of me, yesterday I managed a couple of pints of water, I went for two walks with the dog (just over 8000 steps - he's a slow Shih Tzu!), I ate breakfast, veggies, sat up the table, did some housework and meditated.  It's a start!

Today I intend to sort out my Weight Watcher stock and storage - that's a workout in itself, so much for a week off, I spent yesterday responding to members text messages ;)

Mom and I took time to smile too, we watched Bad Moms, really made us chuckle, we need more films like that to watch, because Light between Oceans which we watched afterwards made up cry!

I'm using this week as preparation for January, I'm resting, planning and sorting - a little bit of everything, I'm following the stuff I don't like doing with something I do like doing.  One step at a time, it's not like it's the first year I've ended having gained weight over Christmas, I'm sure as hell not going to get down about it.  Sadly I've noticed a lot of people are.

STOP!  You have fat, you're not fat - it isn't who you are, it doesn't define you - give yourself a break.  These few days after the high of Christmas can seem really flat and make folk feel low.  See them as the calm after the chaos, think about how you'd like the year ahead to pan out. 

12 months to make any changes you'd like to make - yeah I know there are things you can't change, hell I can't give my mom her memory back so should we just sit and rot in the living room together, or should we do what we can, when we can, with what we have? 

I can't go hiking mountains right now, but I can go for a good long walk locally and enjoy the sky and the fields, you can be sad standing on a sunny beach you know, it's not about the view, it's about what's going on in your mind.

I've decided my mind is going to focus on the good stuff, the fact I'm fortunate to have too much food in my house, to be able to choose whether to put it in the waste bin or my WAIST bin!  I'm lucky to still have my mom so many children out there young and old haven't.  I'm going to look forward to having a catch up with my bestie on Saturday when we have breakfast with the gift voucher I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas.  I'm going to try to thank the universe for the pile of ironing I have because I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford to buy so many clothes - okay that's pushing it a bit too far, I can't thank anyone for a pile of ironing, not unless they've ironed it for me!

I'm grateful to have the weight to lose - that sounds ridiculous doesn't it but it means I've had a bloody good time gaining it. 

However you've woken up feeling this morning, give your head a wobble, stop stressing about the scales - that doesn't help at all, go drink yourself a glass of water, commit to doing what you can today to focus on both healthy and happy because trust me, getting yourself all worked up, trying to ignore the goodies in the house, bickering with your loved ones because you need to shout at someone and looking in the mirror and doing it hasn't worked, none of that is taking you anywhere close to healthy and happy! 

Smile, love, laugh, move a little bit more, enjoy what you do choose to eat - now those things will help you, just a thought but I reckon that'll work BeYOUtiful, what do you think?

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