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Friday, 23 December 2016

It's getting exciting now!

23rd Christmas 2016 ;)
Everything you do now is your future.  Think about that.

So I've just sat down to write my blog after a good 10 hour sleep - YAY, even Alfie couldn't have woken me I don't think, I was that tired last night - when I hear on the radio the Top Ten things that will give you heartburn;

1. Lemons
2. Oranges
3. Grapes
4. Garlic
5. Coffee
6. Tomatoes
7. Cheese
8. Red wine
9. Onions
10. Curry

What I've learned there, is to leave the lemon out the G&T, I'm right to stay away from fruit and there are 7 things more harmful for me than red wine - tee hee, Happy Christmas I say!

Talking of Christmas I had the most lovely gift last night - I was told to open it, a gorgeous sparkly wine glass and the wine bottle matched it too, so cool, hand-made too, which always makes a gift extra special.  The lady and her girls had also gone out of their way to deliver it, truly blessed is what I am.  There's nothing to be more proud of in life than being the parent of awesome kids knowing you did that, you've brought them up to be those wonderful humans and Stacey has done that, they really are lovely girls.

Well my working week is almost over, nearly Christmas, one meeting tonight and another in the morning which will involve crumpets and teacakes I believe!  Mmm.

I might spend today getting clean and tidy, making my kitchen Christmas dinner ready, I've got my big shop coming this morning - ooo it's exciting, I feel like a big kid this morning, got my elf looking at me on my desk, I'm going to blame him for any mess for the rest of my life to be honest.  I've just wrapped my last 2 presents so I'm all ready now, what we don't have we'll live without, or nip over the Co-op Christmas Eve for it.

I've just wrote my first thing in my 2017 diary, nothing exciting, just a dentist appointment but that means it's nearly 2017 and I know so many of us are already thinking about getting back on track or getting healthy before we even do the overindulging of Christmas!  It's good to have that thought at the back of your mind, it means we do care about ourselves.  Every year we may repeat our actions but isn't that what "Tradition" is all about!  At least we have the cycle of overindulging followed by healthy eating, if we didn't we would just continue with the overindulgence, followed by heartburn, indigestion and weight gain, so I say bring on the resolutions, the health kick and all that, and NUR to anyone who poo pahs our actions, they can mind their own business!

On that note, I've just noticed the incredible sunrise, so I'm gonna sign off and sit and watch it for a few minutes.  Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, Eve!   Remember you're BeYOUtiful xx

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