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Thursday, 22 December 2016

It's nearly here...

22nd December 2016
A list of reasons I like you... 1. You're you! 

Wow it's only 3 more sleeps, I have 7 more meetings and then I can think about chilling for a few days and enjoying all the things that make up Christmas.  Everyone seems to have their traditions, the way they 'DO' Christmas and I've enjoyed hearing some of them this week.  I found out my sister cooks her turkey the day before!  I did not know this, yep they have turkey sandwiches on Christmas eve, I don't know how I feel about this new information! 

Lots of people seem to prep their veggies and stuff the day before too, I don't do that either.  The cooking of the dinner is part of the day for me, that's my tradition I guess, I like to once we've opened the pressies spend time in my kitchen, I suppose it's because I don't have kids to watch play with their pressies, although I've been away with Lynnes kids at Christmas and watching them play gets boring quickly, drinking and cooking is way more fun.  Yep, it's the only day of the year when it's truly okay to drink and cook throughout the morning and I love it and that is how I will be spending my Sunday morning.  I love that Christmas day is on a Sunday this year too, it's the day we'd have a roast dinner anyway.  Ooo can you tell I'm looking forward to it.

It's not Christmas yet though, I still have 3 working days, the busiest of which will be today, so I better stay focused, I will get on the scales this morning too, just to check on the damage of the last week, having visitors has taken us completely out of routine, I've not even had my pint of water yet this morning! 

I didn't realise how important my routine is to me either, it really does help me cope with the crazy that is my life, back to normalish today.  My supermarket delivery doesn't come until tomorrow so not sure what's on the menu today but it will be healthy that's for sure, it might be egg, chips and peas - healthy style of course, using my actifry and I know mom will really enjoy that too.

Everyone's rushing round getting stuff done in anticipation or meeting up with friends and family, try to remember to enjoy it too.  Don't get too stressed out - it's just a really good Sunday roast, so don't worry about Christmas dinner.  If someone doesn't like their gift - tough, if you get a gift and haven't bought that person one, remember we shouldn't be giving to receive, that's not the point.  Only meet up with people you truly like, it's difficult when you have to have in-laws round if you don't get on with them, I've heard me a tale or two about that this week, my only advice there would be, do what I do, spend most of the day in the kitchen drinking and cooking, I enjoy it but you can do it to hide out.

I'm keeping it short today, I'm guessing you've got enough to do without sitting reading this first.  Remember to stop and breathe throughout the day, making memories are only any good if you actually stop and enjoy them.

Happy Thursday BeYOUtiful, focus on the healthy and happy and enjoy the day.

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