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Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday's come too soon!

5th December 2016
Don't feel the need to be like the rest of them darling x

Yesterday went by too quickly, I'd like an extra day in my weekend please!  We had a lovely day though, mom came with me to the shop to get goodies to make up Christmas Eve boxes for the women's hostel, she also had and filled her own basket with goodies that apparently won't last until Christmas Eve! 

I then spent some time sorting out the food that had been donated and the gifts, getting them into bags, can't move a great deal in my living room right now but it's only for a few more days then I'll take it and drop it off Sunday.

My shopping was delivered yesterday morning so we had a simple and delicious roast chicken dinner.  I've never done it before but my broccoli and cauliflower came already prepared in a bag and it said you could microwave it, and it was perfect, I'll never cook it any other way in the future.

Our afternoon was filled with mushy Christmas films and we both went to bed at 8!  Mom was feeling rubbish thanks to this cough she has and I was tired, slept all night too.

Yesterday did however remind me I need to not be tempted to pick at stuff, those goodies mom had are too easy for me to say, "I'll try just one", that's gonna end in tears come weigh day ain't it!   I've got my journal in front of me ready for today, what gets eaten - gets written down too, not writing it down doesn't mean it didn't happen.

My shopping online wasn't thought through at all, I'd also bought some reduced stuff from Budgens, and yet I still have to go to the shop this morning to get ingredients to make the recipe we've agreed to do together in my Facebook group at lunchtime.  This needs to be the next thing I work on I think, my shopping has no rhyme or reason, I never know what I'm going to cook, I'm not good at planning at all where my eating is concerned, maybe I need to give it a go.  I still haven't used that butternut squash I bought last Monday, I need a system for sure.

I do love a project, I think I'm going to get myself a nice book or folder to store the recipes and meals I do enjoy and hopefully get myself a meal planner thing going on, maybe make online shopping regular.  Ooo I like this idea, if I don't do it before Christmas, I can use my week off to do it.  Knowing me I won't though but at least the ideas there.

Right I've got things to do today, a bit of shopping, a meeting to sort, the kitchen needs a good tidy, so I'll be off.

Have a Marvelous Monday BeYOUtiful, I plan too.


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