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Friday, 16 December 2016

Staying the same ;)

16th December 2016
Wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you cared and scars mean you lived.  It's all BeYOUtiful.
Mom's first conversation with me this morning was to show me a crossword clue that she wasn't impressed by, "mentally or physically infirm with age", the answer was GAGA, she's insulted as she's not barmy!   I blooming love that woman. 

I'm still loving my meetings this week and learning some amazing facts about my members it's fab, the magic really is in the meetings, you can't get that sitting looking at your app on a phone or posting in Facebook, yesterday we laughed, cried and generally became closer, I love my Weight Watchers family.

Weight wise, I stayed the same, I'd expect nothing else as I've not tracked properly, not at all for the last few days and I've just had a thought, you learn more about yourself and your natural eating habits when you're not focusing on weight loss than when you are, so this last week for me has been a reminder of where I go wrong.  When I'm not thinking about what to eat and I just eat on the run, I tend to miss out on my veggies, I eat more bread because it's quick, so those are two things for me to work with even when I'm not 100% on it.  I'm going to get some canned veggies because they're quick and easy and think of quick, easy meals that are still healthy.  Things like beans on toast, it's one of your five a day.  Last night I had a jacket potato from out the freezer and topped it with leftover salmon rarebit which I'd had for lunch, there was nothing veggie on that plate and I was well aware of that fact, I didn't even have salad in.  I at least put a few tomatoes on my plate at lunchtime, the only other thing I had all day fruit and veg was a tray of mango, I can tell in my body too that it's craving something green!  I'm going to make that vegetable version of the massaman curry today from the one pot cookbook, replace the beef with sweet potato, just need onions for that.

This time next week I'll be getting excited about Christmas and looking forward to my break, I'll do plenty of cooking that week and I'll have a new Weight Watcher cook book to use, they arrive next week for selling in January, I do love a cook book and this one's a biggie.  As well as the fabulous delicious low Smart Point recipes that are so good to eat, there's going to be meal plans for one, two and for the whole family - that's awesome.  Especially as I was only saying last week that I need to start planning, this will help me.  I'm looking forward to the arrive on "Healthy You", if you are make sure you let your leader know you want a copy keeping because I reckon they'll fly out.

I've got a busy morning at the computer putting together success photos for myself and other leaders, make sure you keep your eye on our area page https://www.facebook.com/WWarea41/ go like it now if you haven't already, there's some amazing success out there and it's good to share it, if you're a successful member who'd like your before and now photos putting on Facebook, send them to me and there's also the website www.weightwatchersstories.co.uk where you can upload your info and images and who knows you may end up in the magazine!

Right keeping it brief this morning, I've got a pint of water to finish and a mug of tea to make, breakfast this morning is going to be beans on toast I think, get one of my five a day included or tomatoes on toast as I bought some reduced yesterday!  Here's to getting back on trackish, I know the next few weeks won't be perfect but they can still be good some of the time.

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