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Sunday, 25 December 2016

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

25th December 2016
Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas means a little bit more.
Happy Christmas BeYOUtiful, here's to a wonderful day.  I had an emotional morning at my meeting yesterday, spoilt I was with love and laughter and of course a few gifts.  Then we had a good chat in the meeting with everyone getting involved, sharing stories and having my belief that the meeting is where the magic happens.  It  ended with the fabulous Karen getting up and standing next to me, that always unnerves me when a member does that because I'm not expecting it and I don't know what's coming next!  Anyway it was a wonderful moment, I could truly feel the love in the room as she read the following poem and I got totally emotional.  For once I was left speechless...

A Christmas Poem for our Bev

Good looking, brainy and gorgeous.
Cool and sexy too!
But that's enough about myself,
Now Bev, let's talk about you!

We went to the beach last summer.
But our 'cozzies' just didn't fit.
So we used our fish 'n' chip papers,
To cover our dangly bits!

It was just no use - we'd never win,
Those clothes were meant
For someone thin!

We're finished with all them fad diets,
It's balance that holds the key
A bottle of wine in each hand
Was a well-balanced diet for me!

Seeing ourselves in the mirror.
We thought a diet would do us no harm.
Shedding our fat would be helpful.
They said Bev's Weight Watcher works like a charm.

So Bev we wondered has anyone recently told you,
How totally smashing you are?
If not here's a message to tell you.
That you are an absolute STAR!

You tell us to make sure this Christmas,
Is the best we've ever had.
Don't go completely crazy.
But party on like mad!

So Bev we wish you an epic day.
One that really rocks.
And leaves you with that smiley feeling,
From your head down to your socks!

- - - -
Bonnie captured it on video too xx

How completely brilliant in that poem, a memorable meeting for me that I'll remember forever, I was truly touched.  There was talk of keeping my eyes peeled for little elves and that confused me a lot, however it was later explained, they thought I'd got a massage and they'd all clubbed together to pay for that one and the next - told you I've been spoilt, I'll look forward to them in January.

So I've been saying "It's not Christmas yet!" for weeks, guess what IT IS NOW!  Here's to a magical day, I do BELIEVE in that magic, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Eat, drink and be merry because come Tuesday, I (we I hope) get SMART, put our Weight Watcher hat back on and get the healthy back to balance with the happy!

Lots of love to you BeYOUtiful, the weather outside is frightful but the bucks fizz will be so delightful!  I can hear my mom getting up, so I'm off to make her a Christmas Day cuppa, then I'm putting on my music and will mostly be spending the morning, getting tipsy with the turkey, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

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