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Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy Boxing Day.

26th December 2016
Love your whole story even if it hasn't been the perfect fairy tale.

A lovely day was had yesterday, very relaxed and enjoyed, it started with the usual opening of the presents, then I took Alfie for a walk.  I then spent an hour in the kitchen cleaning it up then prepping dinner with the help of Prosecco and orange juice, a rather good combination if I do say so myself! My brother rocked up just as we'd started our dinner, I couldn't wait any longer I was ravenous, then we spent the rest of the day, watching tele, chatting and generally enjoying each other's company.  The dinner was delicious, I might need leftovers for brekkie ;) then to decide what to do with the leftover turkey!  I'm thinking turkey and cheesy mash with red cabbage for dinner today, nice!  It's a shame fat lasts longer than flavour, but today we won't be thinking about the weight gain, we'll leave that till tomorrow, today is another zero smart points on every kind of day, wished I had an avocado - random I know but they are really high points normally! 

Today I will mostly be watching tele, walking the dog and chilling again.  Bliss!  I've done my morning meditation, drunk a pint of water and I'm even going to eat a bit of fruit, most likely a satsuma, that's 3 habits I intend to continue throughout 2017, start my day good and early, I'm then more likely to end my day good and early. 

If you're looking for recipe ideas for your turkey this one looks good;

If there's any of mine left after the dinner, I'll make a coronation turkey sarnie for tea, that'll fill the gap between dinner and bedtime!

Right I'm off to tackle the kitchen, short and sweet this morning, I'm still a bit tired, need a mug of tea to wake me up.   Here's to another wonderful day, enjoy it, I know I will. x

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