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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Too early start...

17th December 2016
Embrace the glorious mess that you are!

Awake since 2 because my dumb ass dog thought he'd wake me up for no apparent reason then go back to sleep in moms room leaving me with my mind buzzing, wide awake and unable to go back to sleep - YAY!  I thought I'd just get up and play on my computer and even that's on a go slow - boo!

It's a week away, excited much!  Yep a week today I'll be getting ready for my Christmas Eve meeting with my awesome members, I'm sure there will be toasted teacakes and mince pies that morning, then I'll have me a week off and my next meeting will be New Years Eve. In-between I'm going to spend some quality time with my mom, cook my brother (& us of course) a delicious Christmas dinner, as long as I remember to get a turkey on Thursday/Friday and there are some left :) otherwise we'll be having chicken, either way it'll be delicious plus the added bonus that there are no points in anything on Christmas day.

Still a week to go before then and it's important that we all enjoy this time, remember it's not what you eat over Christmas that causes the problems it's what you do from New Year till next Christmas that will give you weight loss success and I for one know my new year is going to be a healthy and happy one, but first for a very merry Christmas.  I tweaked my online delivery yesterday, you'll be proud to know I deleted a few things I realised I didn't need in my life so there are still treats there but not too many, even mom announced she didn't want loads of crap in the house as she wants to stay well.  It was overindulging at Christmas 3 years ago that ended her up in hospital, really not worth it.

I made the messaman curry from the one pot with sweet potato instead of beef and it worked really well, the sweet potatoes need to go in a good 5 - 10 minutes after the normal potatoes but yep that recipes a winner for sure.

I've defrosted salmon for lunch, trying to make a bit of room in my crowded freezer, thinking mash and the remainder of the sprouts in the fridge, trying to use up what we have, I had heck chicken burgers for tea last night, forgot how good they are, Alfie helped me eat them so he approved too.  I don't want to do a big shop before Christmas now, my delivery comes 23rd, I can live on what we have till then and just get bits and bobs, if I walk in a Supermarket it could get messy ;)

I wished the new cook book had arrived then I'd cook up something new tomorrow but as it hasn't I'm thinking a roast beef dinner, nom nom, see I'll take good quality meals over crap and snacks any day of the week, washed down with a nice glass of red.

Well I've drunk my mug of tea, it's going to take a coffee to get me through this morning I think, at least I haven't got to do anything this afternoon, once I've had my massage, mom and I can chill with a good film, or even a bad one, as long as we're relaxing.  Here's to a super Saturday, hope you have wonderful things planned, who knows maybe we'll decide to get in the car later and have a drive somewhere although it's the most wonderfully busy time of the year so maybe not.

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