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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Sensible Saturday!

10th December 2016
Change your mind in order to change your ways.
A quiet day yesterday, I didn't sort out the pile of gifts in the living room, I thought I'd leave it until I've got some more today, then I can put them all together.  I did instead give the bathroom a clean and the windows in my bedroom before spending a couple of hours in the kitchen. I've realised cooking in my kitchen is my calm, I just love to potter about and take my time either with a recipe or making something up as I go along, yesterday it was a tray of all the veggies left in the fridge and a 1/2 bag of mediterranean veg from the freezer, the making a delicious cheese and potato pie, worth every Smart Point of its 10sp a portion - full fat mature cheese too as it was all I had and now thankfully it's gone and I can buy my Cathedral City lighter mature for half the Smart Points.

I do love to eat, I love to cook, I love to shop - I love everything about food, it's delicious, it also keeps us alive which is why I will always love it.  We can't live on food alone though, we need people and love and laughter and lots of other things.  Yesterday I had a good natter with a lovely lady and we shared what was going on in our lives, I loved that too, it may not have tasted so sweet but it did us both the world of good.  A problem shared and all that...

My meeting on the night was as lovely as always, I do like that gang of ladies a lot, it's a great way to spend my Friday nights, one of the highlights for me last night was hearing a members say I haven't been that light since I was 14, bearing in mind she now has children that's quite something.   7 stone she's lost now, that's just incredible and still going and always with a smile on her face, especially when she gets a gain at the scales.  Yep she smiles when she gains because she knows she'll get it off the following week - now that's impressive!   How fabulous is she doing;

 Well done Kazia, you're an inspiration!

Now for me to survive the weekend, oh ma'an, what is that I've been saying for weeks now, "It's not Christmas yet!", It's getting closer though.  We're off for breakfast at the fruit farm with Father Christmas this morning after my meeting, so that can be brunch, I'll then have leftover cheese and potato pie later and nothing else, need some fruit to help fill me up and keep my pact 'to eat fruit' up.  I resisted all of moms goodies last night thankfully, so need to stay strong and keep resisting a bit longer. 

I can't afford to gain another 3lb this week!  I didn't spend all those weeks losing that 11lb to regain it all in a couple of weeks over Christmas - no way!  To be fair, I don't want to put the weight back on either, I think that's important for me to remember, I've enjoyed being this bit lighter, it's made a difference to my clothes, let's just re-cap on why I got back on track in the first place!  The most vivid reminder was me purposely pulling my cardigan round me to hide my belly and fastening it with my name badge when I did my talk in the meeting.  Yep that's one of the reasons I will be staying on track this weekend and working on NOT gaining anymore weight before Christmas day.  I like fitting in my clothes, I'm 47 next month, I'd like to still be in this stone bracket by then, I'd like to be in the lower end of it, that would be nice. So here's to thinking about what I'm eating, to planning lower pointed food, to eating that fruit, to resisting some of the temptation. 

If I'd have been told I was going to gain 3lb this week, last week, the sad truth is, the stuff I ate to gain it wouldn't have been the food I'd have chosen to gain 3lb with!  How mad is that - food for thought for sure...

Here's to "Sensible Saturday", I'm going to be sensible in my choices today and not just think, 'It's Christmas' because with Christmas comes disappointment (from too much weight gained), heartburn (from too much junk eaten), stomach ache (from overeating), misery (from not being able to get your fat jeans on again).  Yep I'm being sensible today, some might say that's boring but hey I don't mind what people think of me - how about you BeYOUtiful, you up for sensible, look where it got Kazia, I think she's the wise one here.

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